Intermediaries, such as Japanese and European wholesalers, buy in bulk after it has been processed. Since then, self-help has become a dismal literary genre dominated by emoting Americans; yet, here, the British writer proves it is possible to tell people how to run their lives in a way that is funny, erudite, and snooty — as well as entirely persuasive. At times, the relationship can be tested. I just like to leave them, not to disturb them in any way. Then in a remote highland wilderness in eastern Iceland was flooded to create a huge reservoir as a power source for an aluminium smelter.

Yet the best trick of all is the taunting simplicity of his words, which stand in frightening contrast to the task he is proposing. Adnan Sarwar, a year old former British soldier who served in the Iraq War, has beaten more than entrants to win the second Financial Times and Bodley Head non-fiction essay competition. Brash creatures, their boldness inspires admiration in the Icelanders. Over centuries eiderdown has been treasured by Vikings, Russian tsars, and medieval tax collectors who accepted it as revenue. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links.

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These possibilities seem remote in Iceland, where eiders have been respected for centuries. With such deadpan pedantry, he silences further objection.

Adnan Sarwar triumphs in The Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize – The Asian Writer

In politics, the orthodoxies that he was attacking have died. And then I found a copy of the essay online and emailed it to my friends. It takes bravery to examine our vulnerability and transmit it. Edward Posnett January 2, In the Middle Ages, pelicans were thought to pierce their own breast to draw blood to feed their young. Sarwar is essxy worthy winner. He then quotes five imperishable examples of bad writing, which every journalist, academic and bureaucrat today should be forced to read.


2014 Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize for Long-Form Essay Writing ( £1,000 Prize)

According to trade bodies, most feathers are a byproduct of the meat industry. Academic prose is clogged with jargon-ridden, paragraph-long sentences. Every June, he says, about ducks arrive from the sea and waddle to boxley farm.

Critics of the scheme claim that the environmental and financial price was too high for the several hundred jobs it created. The scene described by the pastor has been a common sight in Iceland for centuries.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

Report a mispronounced word. It is no accident that the word has now been totally demonised by our masters, and no one in politics dares even use the word favourably, much less track any problem to its root.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

Opinion Show more Opinion links. Almost 20 years ago, ptize villages in the Westfjords were buried by avalanches, killing 34 people.

Bennett begins by demolishing objections to the thesis with mockery that masquerades as helpfulness.

Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize winner: Eiderdown | Financial Times

I meet a year-old boy, whose family has inhabited a farm on the island since the 19th century. Caroline Daniel, FT Weekend editor and chairman of the six-strong judging panel, said: Baldwin, and this essay in particular, embodies that more than any writer I have come across.


We look forward to bringing some of these new voices to prizf FT Weekend readers.

bodley head ft essay prize 2014

To increase the production of feathers, a goose farmer may find it profitable to wrench them from a bird while it is bodleg alive. I just like to leave them, not to disturb them in any way. After all, he says, the down is only some brauda slice of his daily bread.

Companies Show more Companies links. It is a work of non-fiction with all the velocity of a gripping short story.

Adnan Sarwar triumphs in The Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize

My dear sir, I respect you more and more. Baldwin writes how one feels. Orwell starts his essay by observing: While a windfall in English evokes 22014 fruit, its Icelandic translation is a stranded sea mammal, a gift of free meat. It is difficult to describe the weight of eiderdown in a language in which the epitome of lightness is a feather.