Once every task is complete, including the consent, the Nominated Principal Applicant must review the terms listed and respond to the questions regarding consent in order to submit the application. Once you complete the Equity and Diversity Questionnaire, your responses will be retained for future application submissions. In addition you will be required to append documentation to your application, some of which may take a long time to obtain e. Sure, it can all be fixed with time, but time has run out… Google Docs is cloud-based in real time MS now has this with Office , so the actual input device is irrelevant, and nothing is lost. In addition, some institutions set internal deadlines for applications which may be different from the CIHR deadline for submission.

We are a tiny country of mostly cancer researchers in biomedical science, and thanks to CIHR reforms, anyone can still be reading your proposal as a non-scientist, and scoring it it sounds stupid when you say it aloud. The exact number of characters may vary slightly depending on the type of browser that you are using. For further information on research involving human participants and human biological materials, refer to the TCPS nd edition of Tri-Council Policy Statement: Sure, as I write this, someone undoubtedly hacked the server and the world is in a tailspin, but the truly paranoid can backup to two cloud sources. Does your proposal meet the eligibility requirements of the funding opportunity?

If appropriate, describe how the team members will interact through the course of the project.

Applicants should always start with the funding opportunity. Cibr note that applications including RCT have special requirements. The problem with this software is that they have had a tormat too comfortable market share for too long, the competition is gone, and we are left with mediocrity that can often be unstable. SCOG approval is required before human stem cell research can proceed. A good part of the job of any research scientist is writing.

All of CIHR’s programs are now submitted electronically through ResearchNet unless otherwise stated in the funding opportunity. Lay abstracts can change at Application.


Applications that are identified iKT projects will be assessed by both researcher and knowledge user reviewers. The research proposal should stand alone i.

cihr research proposal format

Step one is to set a timeline of grant writing activities, with a goal of completion of the entire proposal one week before institutional deadline. Therefore, it is important to be aware that the information in the funding opportunity supersedes information found elsewhere on the website. If you have significant findings that are about to be published in a scientific journal which may be picked up by the media or are planning any type of public announcement of research results from work funded by CIHR, wholely or in partnership, it is also important that you alert the CIHR Communications office in advance for assistance and to ensure that the support of CIHR is acknowledged.

Project Grant: Spring 2019 Application Instructions

In addition, committees may raise ethical concerns of their own about a proposal. For figure mockups, I use Powerpoint, with tools for bitmap corrections crop, brightness, contrast, etc. When you do this, a subtask will automatically appear within the Budget Task. J Reesarch Chiropr Assoc. For example, would one hour a week really be a meaningful commitment?

Nevertheless, the committees, upon re-review of an application, do frequently consider whether the applicant has satisfactorily addressed the concerns that were previously raised, and are generally favourably disposed toward an applicant who has attempted to do so.

The reason for these formatting requirements is to ensure that all applicants have exactly the same amount of space to write their proposals. proposl

The Art of Writing a CIHR Application – CIHR

Registration helps CIHR to arrange the best possible review of your application — we can use the information to recruit additional committee members, as required, and to select the most appropriate reviewers. To determine the application format and PDF attachment requirements, please consult the How to Apply section of the funding opportunity.

There should be a moratorium on HEK and HeLa cells for anything other than over-expression of proteins for purification, they neither represent normal cells, nor cancer cells, definitely not neuronal cells, and they are not the route to translational studies in humans.


The best parts of Google Docs are the integration of Paperpile and Document sharing. The Equity and Diversity Questionnaire should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. This works well, however, only if there is minimal pgoposal any change in the information we receive at registration and in the full application.

cihr research proposal format

Nevertheless, you must still indicate on Page 1 of the application whether human or animal subjects are involved and whether containment will be required in the research. Even the most seasoned researchers often have to resubmit their applications before they finally succeed in obtaining funding. Please note that the Institution Paid will have access to view a limited number of application fields while your application is in progress. To assist you, the application date for renewal of the grant is indicated on each Authorization for Funding.

There are better alternatives for any disease.

The Art of Writing a CIHR Application

Address the Evaluation Criteria It is a good idea to address the evaluation criteria outlined in the funding opportunity, because your application will be reviewed against them. It is not unusual to hear a committee say that they would have been more comfortable if a named collaborator had been a co-applicant of the proposal instead.

Success is in the Details Read the Instructions Carefully and be prepared to follow them exactly! Whatever length of time an applicant has taken off from research in the past seven years is the amount of time that they may include in the attachment.

We are a tiny country of mostly cancer researchers in biomedical science, and thanks to CIHR reforms, anyone can still be reading your proposal as a non-scientist, and scoring it it sounds stupid when you say it aloud.

cihr research proposal format