Progress in Optics 53, — Segev Photorefractive diffusion-driven self-focusing and self-trapping in near-transition paraelectric crystals Oral presentation at Nonlinear Optics 98 Kauai, August Struttura e Ideologia, edited by E. A variety of methodological approaches exposes trainees not only to a wide range of methodologies, but also to the leading experts in those methodologies. Research projects as Team Member.

DelRe Photovoltaic self-focusing in lithium niobate Conference: Following the more than twenty-year of institutional acknowledgements by the European Commission and Ministries for Research and Higher Education of several countries http: Nature Photonics 9, DOI: Gen 33 , pp. Reduced statistical fluctuations for an object in a partitioned environment.

Dott. Decio Levi

Optics Letters 27, LL73, in collaboration with A. Pempinelli, World Scientific Singaporepp.

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Collisions and inhomogeneous forces between solitons of different dimensionality. Skip to main content.

Curriculum – Eugenio DelRe

Peer reviewer for all the major scientific journals that focus on photonics, these including Tthesis Review, Physical Review Letters and Nature Communications. Equalizing disordered ferroelectrics for diffraction cancellation.


Winternitz, Nonlinear Physics, Theory and experiment, editori E. Winternitz, Multiscale expansion on the lattice and integrability of partial difference equations -J. The output is forecasts which are useful in mitigating the effects of magnetic interference.

The non-academic partners will provide specific training on complementary and transferable skills that will be very useful to xonsorzio during their career. LL, in collaboration with M. Engineering effective soliton-supporting nonlinearities in micro-structured potassium-lithium-tantalate-niobate.

consorzio thesis roma

Leon World Scientific, Singapore, Scale-free optical propagation in out-of-equilibrium ferroelectric crystals. Physical Review A 94, Invited talk at Photonics North Ottawa, June Anti-diffracting beams through the diffusive optical nonlinearity. Optics Letters 24, Journal of Physics A: Physical Review A 92, Journal cnosorzio Statistical Physics Photonics in glassy ferroelectrics.

consorzio thesis roma

Journal of Optics 17, Programming scale-free vonsorzio in disordered ferroelectrics. Via Columbia 2,Roma, Italia Telephone: British Council — Rome, Advanced course in English.

Physical Review Letters 98, Bessel-beam imaging through turbid media; miniaturized Bessel-beam electro-optic generators; structured illumination; super-resolved THz rmoa. Nijhoff, Cambridge University Press, Cambridgepp.


Matteo Cristofaro | University of Rome Tor Vergata –

Anisotropic charge displacement supporting isolated photorefractive optical needles. The aim of our unique and distinctive networked programme is to thezis both complementarity and synergies among the traditions of different research centres and schools, as well as the integrative specificity of the pluri-paradigmatic and multi-methodological modelling approach developed at the coordinating institution.

Nonlinear waves in disordered media. Explanation of Research Contribution His research contributions are concentrated in two separate but not completely disjoint directions: Oral presentation at Amalfi99 Amalfi-Italy, October Incorporation of stretch change, Journal of Elasticity 24pp.