Last edited by a moderator: I get my orders on time. This is basically launch-jacking. Does YT allow locking? Everytime peoples unlock and download the file, I get paid. I was trying to gauge how saturated the niche was already.

They will love to download the file you share on Youtube. Affiliate Marketing Forum AffiliateFix. Once they were uploaded and ready to promote. I spent only few minutes writing a good SEO description with a keyword. I get my orders on time.

TheCosmosCowboyAug 14, JohnCPAJun 18, I get my orders on time.

cpagrip case study

I found a few videos. With microphone, I used to say how to download the files from those link.

cpagrip case study

GL if you please. StdntDpagrip 16, But this can be a learning experience for all you CPA enthusiasts out there. Want to optimize earning?: Once they were uploaded and ready to promote. Affiliate Marketing Forum AffiliateFix. Writing a good description and make a good video is always very important part to attract peoples.

The best way to find a profitable niche is to get into something you already know a lot about. Don’t Be Lazy, Start working now.


You make your own. One mention of the URL is more than enough. My niche was — World of Warcraft.

cpagrip case study

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Making the video What do you do when all the videos in your niche are watermarked?

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Your name or email address: Works every damn time. I received traffic for about a month and a half after which the complete World of Warcraft expansion came out so my traffic died. A brand new domain.

Santosh Shah likes this. I was told that the majority of YT traffic are desltop, can it work on mobile version too?

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So like everyone else, I went looking for keys and keygens each time cpagtip I finally learnt what CPA was. Earlier I mentioned installing the vidIQ extension which basically shows you a ton of info about a YouTube video including ALL the tags used by the original uploader.


So I started off with some research. StdntJun 19, To collect cpagrjp downloading your tool, software or anything, I used to create a small and simple good looking video on Powerpoint or a screen recorder with microphone.

RedamrgJun 19, When it came to YouTube, I always preferred quality over quantity i.

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The ways, you will use to earn money with CPAGrip: The most important part, how will you generate traffic to your CPA offers? MarcKawsar Jahanjuliano and 1 other person like this. I tried a movie niche the other day and failed.