As a result, the children of those areas have outside from the education for a year. A large percentage of the population of Bangladesh may be forced to move. These strategies should guide the national vision and plans including the perspective plan, five year plan and annual budget, as well as the sector specific policies. At least 1, livestock cattle, buffalo and goat and more than thousand poultry resources has been damaged totally. First of all, a reconnaissance survey was done to develop the questionnaire. Department of Primary and Mass Education. Critique and support from readers, activists and academicians are highly solicited to improve this document in future.

More than , people were reportedly isolated by severe flooding in coastal regions of Bangladesh. Hazards such as floods, river erosion, water logging, drought, cyclonic storm surge, etc, are known phenomena in the monsoon influenced riverine landmass of Bangladesh, which is also known for its high population density, flat topography and low elevation. Help Center Find new research papers in: The specific objectives of this study are: Bangladesh has no policy on Displacement, Internal Migration or Resettlement59, it is facing decade-long clash between the settlers and local indigenous inhabitants of Chittagong Hill Tracts CHT.

The government may initiate special safety net program to reach the people being displaced by riverbank and coastal erosion, cyclone and slow onset process including water logging and salinity intrusion. The local inhabitants of southwest coastal region of Bangladesh usually use surface water in daily lives collect safe drinking water from large village ponds which are 78 Staff Writer, It is also necessary to estimate alternative and additional management of essential services, housing, legal procedure and secured livelihood.


Climate Change Disasters and Rural Poverty: Due to these subversive activities, the embankments could not resist the pressure of the storm surge and the saline water leaped in the localities. Social rituals of the affected areas and exposure capacity of women can be estimated from the participation.

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Tropical cyclones of the North Indian Ocean cyclone season. Retrieved May 26, bangladedh Lion part of the migrated people expresses that they had to migrate due to loss of houses, belongings and cultivable lands while Region is not able to ensure them safe wtudy.

The Sunderbansa region which houses of the endangered Bengal tigerswas inundated with 6. The remnants of Aila produced gusty winds and heavy rains in the eastern Indian state of Meghalaya between May 25 and Dumuria Thukra 1 2.

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Severe Cyclonic Storm Aila at peak intensity. Actually the study deals with the cyclone Aila migrants of the southwest coastal region who have taken shelter in the Bangladseh city after forcibly displaced from their traditional home. Retrived on 12 January from http: Another 14, acre of shrimp farm and freshwater fishes of 3, village ponds 1, acre has been submerged and damaged So, a different global policy under UN system is essential now bangaldesh 43 N.

As a result, vulnerable condition of sanitation for children and women remain unchanged by which they were facing in the affected areas. The survey shows xila 1.

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Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Climate change, on its own, does not directly displace people or cause them to move but it produces environmental effects and exacerbates current vulnerabilities that make it difficult for people to survive where they are. United Banglqdesh High Aika for Refugees. National strategies for the facilitation of internal and international migration of displaced people may extended to trade and development programs as well, thus, institutions like UNCTAD could be a helpful one.


Among the respondents, Most of the people from the nearer affected areas like Koyra and Dacope migrated to Khulna city.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Considering average HH member-size, the daily average income estimates only Can large scale environmental migrations be predicted?. These strategies should guide the national vision and plans including the perspective plan, five year plan and annual budget, as well as the sector specific policies. Since a major part of these Rickshaw Pullers are unskilled, road accidents are increasing day-by-day at an alarming rate Following figure 1 shows bbangladesh ratio of displaced people from where they were migrated.

Global Bbangladesh Change, Vol. To track the trend of displacements of the migrants of cyclone Aila; and iv.

cyclone aila case study bangladesh

Department of Primary Education. The search teams were supplied with fresh drinking water for the tigers as their natural water source was inundated with salt water from Aila’s storm surge.

Focus on Khulna District.