Independence The student shows a good degree of enthusiasm, self-reliance and initiative towards the project without becoming over-reliant on his supervisor or another person. This should be regarded as an opportunity to develop a truly integrated i. Please see your Handbook for further guidance. Justified conclusions Here, students will be assessed on the quality of their conclusions. Bullet points might help if you have a large number of conclusions. Any useful parts of the study not directly relevant to the main theme may also be put in the Appendix, but should be clearly referenced in the text. If the original mark and the agreed mark are significantly different, a brief explanation should be provided below:

If submitting by post you must obtain a certificate of posting, which you must take to the course administrator as soon as possible in order to prove the date of posting which will then be treated as the submission date. To coordinate staff-student meetings and address points arising from those meetings. Normally student queries are dealt with on-the-spot, but in some cases students need to arrange meetings with staff. You are strongly advised to ensure that you make time available to complete coursework assignments on time. All dissertations, after being marked and moderated internally, are read by the External Examiner to confirm the final grades. You will normally only receive one award: Scrutinise applications for minor modifications to programmes of study, including minor modifications to blocks modular, study, and assessment.

Students who submit a case for consideration by the Academic Appeals Committee shall normally be asked to provide a copy of the outcome of Internal Resolution.

However, it is good academic practice that they should be used judiciously and not so frequently so as to render the assessment into a disjointed piece of work, characterised by excessively short paragraphs. Firstly the bee lands on the flower, and tucks its wings up, then slowly walks up into the flower head, and brushes against the stamens, collecting the pollen on its furry body.

Dissertation Late Submission Brunel

We are also joined by Prof. When you paraphrase and attribute the source of an idea in your essay, each new aspect or continuation of that idea — as may occur in consecutive sentences — must be accurately referenced.


dissertation late submission brunel

Students are also encouraged to attend relevant training sessions offered by the Graduate School. Students are provided with a hard copy of a handbook at the beginning of each academic session, updated year-on-year; this is also provided in Blackboard Learn.

The modules and their credit values will be set out in the programme specification for your degree, which is available in Appendix 2 of Student Handbook. More details can be obtained from: Logical developed argument Presentation confused 9.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Up to 2 working days late Up to 5 working days late Up to 10 working days disdertation Up to 15 working days late More than 15 working days late Merit 43 Dissertatiob of the topic The report will provide a detailed review of i relevant research and its application within the topic area or ii of the data accumulated during the relevant research project detailing its application in the topic area – with very few minor factual scientific errors.

Plausible suggestions as to i possible future developments in the field, or ii to future experimental work to further advance the project — are included.

dissertation late submission brunel

A word count available on all word processors should be included at the beginning of the script. Lower marks will be given to students overrun their time. The Advice and Representation Centre http: Pass Exposition of the topic The report will provide an adequate review of i relevant research and its application within the topic area or ii of the data accumulated during the relevant research project detailing its application in the topic latf — with some but not too many factual scientific errors.

Dissertations should be between ,ate, and a maximum of 10, words, excluding figures, tables and references.

Please note, however, that the final grade of a dissertation is based on a range of factors, and submisssion the text below is only a guide, not a detailed indication of what you will score. Make submizsion notes, transcribe quotations that you may wish to use, and note clearly what is transcribed and where you found it.


The taught programme is offered jointly by: Discussion is where you evaluate your results in relation to the aims of the project.

dissertation late submission brunel

Credit assigned a P grade will normally not be recognised by the University as part of an application for admission with accreditation of prior learning. The minutes from such meetings will be headed as MC panel meetings and kept separate from TLC minutes. Therefore you will be able to provide a perspective of your work in relation to knowledge in the field of study.

The adjustment of deadlines for the submission of assessed coursework affected by mitigating circumstances is determined in accordance with a University-wide Policy on Late Submission Penalties — described elsewhere brnuel this student handbook.

Factors that will be considered include: The use of too many WWWbased references is discouraged. The control of movement. Merely referring to the source in the bibliography at the end of the essay is not sufficient.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

Failure to supply original documents within a reasonable period of time may result in your request being rejected. Adherence to these guidelines will ensure that the University is able to make reasonable adjustments under the terms of the Equality Act in respect of providing equal treatment disserttation equal access to educational opportunity for all students regardless of their disability status.

Later in this handbook other relevant information, including templates and forms, and the policy on late submission on Masters Dissertations are given. It is an important channel of communication between the Institute and our students. Shows exceptional clarity, focus and cogency in communication.