The mother is aware of his love affair with the butterflies and asks him to not wander off far and away. He was, also on the staff of the B. Why do his parents have to stop and call him every now and then? He yearns to play with them but his desire is dismissed by his father. They are handled realistically: It tells us how on his way to the fair he was attracted by various things such as toys, sweetmeat, balloons and birds, butterflies and flowers. The child watched them intently and then he made a bold request:

Some may find hidden humour in the story. He ran towards them. The parents decide to rest near a well in a grove and sit on its edge. Which may play on the theme of acceptance. Something that is noticeable by his continued calling out for his parents.

None of which his parents will buy for him.

The fields are decorated with yellow flowers which are dotting the landscape with pristine natural beauty. Anand does not underplay the surging of the Indian crowd, and he definitely shows that trying to rescue them in order is a largely futile activity.

The protagonist, a young boy is also there accompanied by his parents. The essaay care adds more beauty essaj the context of the beauty of the scene. Tired from running the little boy stood sobbing for some time and then started running again. Farheen August 3, 4: The child is overcome with grief and emotions and cannot stop wailing. Life and works of the Author Mulk Raj Anand: He has long forgotten about the vendors and their goods. Cite Post McManus, Dermot. Praneeth July 11, thd Dermot Post Author July 11, 5: He does not judge them for their refusal to purchase any of the goods on sale.


The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand

He is overcome with delight and joy after taking such a beautiful sight. The child relishes the fluttering of the winged creatures like butterflies and is overjoyed to the see the delightful beauty of flower petals.

essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

Your email address will not be published. The child went towards the snake-charmer. Dermot Post Author August 7, 6: They have colourful and diverse appearances; some are brightly dressed while some are ordinarily clad.


Read More Teaching English The new method is the outcome of his research. This time he ran to a crowded temple.

essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

His nerve breaks at his attraction and he turns around to plead his parents to allow him to enjoy the ride once. Then they came to a snake-charmer who was playing on a flute before a snake. He is all alone and deserted in a crowd of strangers. So he walked cgild farther. He swings and chases after them. The Sitting Bee, 27 Apr.


Among them was a little boy following his parents. He watched it going round and round with a merry band of men, women, and children on it.

He returned to India in He willingly accepts the rah that his parents are refusing to buy him the thing that the wants.

The Lost Child Summary by Mulk Raj Anand

His mother offers a warm and tender reply losf asks him to look at the beautiful setting instead. The man tries to distract him again by taking him to the snake-charmer. The kindhearted man tried to console the child by offering him a ride on the roundabout, but the child repeated his cry for his parents.

They were not there, ahead of him. He reaches a temple but the huge crowd at the door knocks him off of his feet.