Mitschke, Fiber Optics Physics and Technology. Publish now – it’s free. The relative network cost of an EPON. The dielectric constant of a medium is a function of frequency; therefore, different optical frequencies propagate at different velocities through the medium. As Einstein, he assumed that light is an electromagnetic ray, that consists of photons, which carry energy E and the momentum of the photon p. If we consider that the cost of transmitting traffic.

Figure 9 illustrates the op-. The relative network cost of an EPON. Additionally, the cooling system for the laser module needs itself to be cooled as well. Of course, this humongous increase of the use of wireless systems is associated with an increase in energy consumption. The contributions of this research work were described in the follows:

Keller, Breitbandkabel und Zugangsnetze. The GPON system obtains the ability to deliver extremely high bit rates. Cost o h e total cost o f n umber of ON U between EP O system has b h e feeder net w a l network co s a per is structu r p roject infor m l be explaine d s is illustrated shown in Sec t. BRAS are full-loaded configuration with the processing capabil- ity of not less thanlines. Computer Science – Software Autonomously recover from wireless li This includes the propagation of light, optical fibre, Dispersion, Dispersion compensating modules, Radio over fibre communication networks and applications in RoF networks.

I owe thanks to Optiwave company, who provided me with Optisystem software without, respectively, a low charge also the staff of Optiwave, who always were there answering questions and giving advice.

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This means that the original signal intensity of light decreases to its half after having travelled 20 km through the thseis fibre [18]. BRAS will take the whole service. The main challenge of wireless access networks is the vast amount of energy needed to power the base stations. The thesis work is available online here.


gpon master thesis

This Figure shows that utilization is proportional with cycle time i. It is an essential part of broadband communication networks, due to its capacity to cover the end-user domain, outdoors or indoors.

Use of passive optical networks is very advantageous in. Subscribers are allocated less bandwidth as num. If we consider that the cost of transmitting traffic. This formula indicates that the number of subscribers. This chapter deals with the fibre optic theory, the problems of the transmissions via fibre, the Radio over fibre technology, and the fibre components related to the research project, as described in this thesis. CN Figure 9.

gpon master thesis

After studying the project maps and summarized the. In optical communications, the terms fibre attenuation, fibre loss, power attenuation and power loss are used equivalently.

Green Radio Communication Networks Applying Radio-over-Fibre Technology for Wireless Access

The left- hand side refers to fibre attenuation and chromatic dispersion [16] [17]. The results and discussions included link utilization of. If a two main stan- dards EPON and GPONmzster xPON, are considered, a series of important optimization naster for the de- sign, plan, and deployment of FTTH networks and pas- sive optical networks should be considered since they truly effect on the network efficiency and performance.

The length of feeder cables is km, and the length of distribution cables is km, so the total fiber cables length will be km.


gpon master thesis

The overall aim of this research project was to simulate the transmission of wireless and baseband RF signals via fibre for a long distance in high quality, consuming a low-power budget. Re-model the simulation environment to mimic the real system behavior as accurately as possible.

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thssis This research focuses on RoF wireless access and RoF based on a passive optical network architecture aiming at efficient mobility, bandwidth management, and power behaviour. Where l H denotes the set of flows that share link l. Though a complete list of projects done so far would be irrelevant see LinkedInhere is a selected list of projects that were sucessfully completed:.

In this work we can find that GPON network planners. Introdu c With the dev e p lications, th e mand.

Master Thesis OptiSystem Projects

At the Mobile World Congress this year, a sale of worldwide 1. Therefore, this thesis demonstrated a green radio communication network and the advantage of transmitting signals via fibre rather than via air. Cambridge University Press,pp.

Networks operating with a large number of small cells have to cope with the issues of cost-effectiveness and mobility management [11]. The future challenge is, to provide wireless Internet globally with significantly reduced energy consumption per bit and a reduction in network operating costs to operate profitably.