Mitchell schedules a follow-up appointment with her healthcare provider to ensure adequate healing of the fracture. D “It sounds as if your daughter has been really helpful. C “Walking more than a mile at one time is likely to increase your risk for another fracture. Earliest form of contraception. However, the nurse needs to explain the rationale for taking the medication in the morning. While arrangements are being made for one-to-one care, the nurse currently assigned to care for Kat requests assistance with other client care responsibilities, and provides a report about the clients.

To increase Kat’s dietary intake of calcium, which snack should the nurse recommend? B Encourage the client to practice the injection technique again under the supervision of the nurse. She continues to exercise every day and has resumed her frequent hiking trips in the mountains. A Prepare the client for a blood transfusion. C Measure and compare calf circumferences every 12 hours.

In providing client teaching, the nurse discusses the need for periodic monitoring of which diagnostic serum lab value? I do not need them after all Get homework help and answers to your toughest questions in biology, chemistry, physics, math, calculus, engineering, accounting, English, writing help, business, humanities, and more.

D “Any additional calcium supplementation could cause you hesk have harmful symptoms of calcium toxicity. D Client Teaching Kat’s healthcare provider recommends a regimen of exercise and diet.

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Which nursing action should be implemented to address this potential problem? Even though the client has recently experienced a fracture this is not an emergency situation, so the client may prefer to wait for the appointment in three weeks. How asthma is treated. B An experienced orthopedic unit RN who osteoporois scheduled off for the day.


The use of placebos is considered unacceptable in the management of pain by the American Pain Society. B A Complication Occurs Three weeks later, Kat goes to the emergency department of the local medical center, where she reports that she fell off a ladder the previous day and is experiencing increasing pelvic tenderness. Search under health assessment and promotion C “Walking more than a mile at one time is likely to increase your risk for another fracture.

B Clinical Manifestations Kat returns to the office 1 month later to discuss the results of her test with the provider and learns that her T-score – 1. B The supervisor agrees to send additional nursing staff to the unit so that Kat can receive one-to-one care.

B “It stdy important to increase the frequency of your walks to at least 5 times per week. D Encourage the nurse to continue the placebo use, alternating with the Morphine.

hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet

B “As long as your vitamin supplement also contains Vitamin D, you will be receiving adequate supplementation. Therefore, this action is not indicated. C “Try not to worry about that right now while you are still healing.

CORRECT Fat embolism syndrome can quickly deteriorate and requires a high level of critical care expertise to effectively assess for subtle changes in the client’s status.

hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet

A After taking initial action, the nurse notes that Kat is becoming cyanotic and appears restless, anxious, and disoriented. C Measure abdominal girth.


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This topic is not open for further replies. A Advise Kat to go to the emergency department immediately. What is the priority nursing action? B Kat tells the nurse that she started taking a mg calcium supplement daily after she stopped her post-hysterectomy estrogen therapy.

Mitchell, who requests that besi be called Kat. A Diphenoxylate Lomotilan antidiarrheal, taken prior to the acute exacerbation for occasional episodes of diarrhea.

Log In Forgot your password? Mechanical ventilation is not needed, but Kat’s healthcare provider prescribes a transfer to the critical care unit where Kat can be more closely monitored for the next 24 hours. During her next visit to her healthcare provider, she receives a prescription for daily subcutaneous injections of teriparatide Fortecoparathyroid hormone, to treat her osteoporosis.

A Assign an LPN to take the client’s vital signs every 2 hours. Additionally, the nurse administering the placebo does not have a prescription for this treatment. Biology Forums – Study Force is the leading provider of online homework help for college and high school students.