The area can also serve as a site for tourist attraction, if the area is well taken care of and the necessary facilities put in place, people can actually come to Igarra to see the beauty of nature. Joint; vein; tectonic; mode I fracture; granite; Igarra. They are fine to medium grain rocks. The petrology and geochemistry of alkaline granites from Interesting geologic features was seen such as contact metamorphism, Batholith, Xenolith, Vein Quartz amidst others. I To imbibe in students, the scientific attributes of keen observation and making necessary inferences. The third and fourth layer can be seen to contain both weathered rock materials and fresh basement rock.

See plate 6 for a quartz vein running across a metaconglomerate. Below are some of the field equipment used during the field exercise viz: The calcareous rocks and conglomerates together with quartzite occurring as bands. The vegetation in this area is mostly secondary i. The first layer which is the topsoil has an apparent resistivity ranging from ohm-m to The grains are idomorphic.

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The third and fourth layer can be seen to contain both weathered rock materials and fresh basement rock. Its colour is green and reddish brown. Rock view Nigeria limited, Jos pp Similarly, the Bawa hill is poorly sorted, the grains ranges from fine to coarse.

literature review of igarra

Geology of Nigeria, Kogbe, C. By The Ijes The Ijes. Modal analyses were based on visual estimation and counting.

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Epidote has colours ranging from green, brown and purple and occurs in granular to columnar aggregates with high relief and fractures Fig. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Quartz which shows wavy extinction from colourless to liferature, is non-cleaved and does not show any twining.


The rock unit consists of clast of varying sizes, some literwture measure up to 45 cm long while others are few millimetres in length. Some muscovite also occurs in the groundmass.

literature review of igarra

Pinch and swell structures often develop in a competent layer, in both Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow, provided the competent layer has sufficient viscosity contrast and can localize strain to form shear bands It is made up of biotite, muscovite, iron oxide and quartz.

Author EU wrote the first draft of the manuscript and analyzed the data.

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Quartz og was ,iterature on the outcrops, Orientations of veins, joints and fractures were measured using the compass clinometer and small to large sizes of Xenoliths were seen on the granites and traces of various contact zones could be seen around the area.

Since there is no stream nearby, the inhabitant find it difficult to get water all the time except in cases were there is pipe-borne water supplied from ojirami dam which is not regular as a result of power problem. Constraining the pre-collisional upper plate accretionary history of the Trans-Hudson orogen.

literature review of igarra

Even though the geologic contacts between most of the basement rocks are not well-exposed in most parts of the study area, however, in specific areas, lithologic boundaries are distinct. Outside this limited zone, those structures were not observed.


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Most of the work in the area was unpublished and mostly done by students in Universities notably off of University of Benin. Stage 3 is where the pinch and swell structures have successfully formed and are well-defined and ljterature Granite body with vein Quartz that ranges from 3. The receiver measures the sum of the primary and secondary fields or it measures the associated voltages that are induced in a coil caused by the time varying magnetic flux.

Strain values range from the strain conditions obtainable during or shortly 1. A Kogbe 2nd edition These contain details of the area at an approximate scale. This structural feature cannot be mapped on the scale of the study.

This outcrop is highly weathered and exposed, the weathering is as a result of the low resistant mineral present muscovite.

Precambrian of West Africa. Gypsum mining equipment Gypsum is a very revidw processed material.

Studies of strain and rheology of conglomerates. The Geophysical data were acquired through the three methods, processed and eeview to give the subsurface geology of the study area.

All these were done before the various geophysical methods were carried out.