Except Duterte who actually said that while everybody in Manila is discussing, who is minding the store? Politically similar to Mamasapano in some ways because the hawks blamed Jimmy Carter for it. Your grandpa probably served with my dad in WW2. Which I agree on. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

On the other hand, according to one MILF official, 17 of their members were killed in the clash. I can just imagine him leading the coup-minded generals in a march down Roxas, wheel chairs and walkers all aligned, most of them still mentally acute enough to know right from left. You are commenting using your Google account. I think the president just got exempted here. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Furthermore, Aquino was not able to explain why these two officials were unaware of the operations.

I hope that is indeed the case. Former President Fidel V.

Furthermore, Aquino was not able to explain why these two officials were unaware of the operations. Telling the moon to cover mamasaapano sun when you happen to know that there will be an eclipse. What they DO want is someone to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, the President has assumed full responsibility.


Lessons from Mamasapano

Just a year and a half to go, anyway. So, yes, coming to terms with evil is definitely part of the solution but it has to start at the individual level… and spread outward.

mamasapano encounter essay

The President has nothing to do with the order. He is a little like Miriam Santiago to me, speaking for shock affect maasapano in big, controversial pronouncements like doing away with congress. Sometimes I can be so damned naive. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Mamasapano clash

For the main players, none namasapano seal himself from what happened at Mamasapano, like the protecto-shield my mamasapanl throws up when we are playing space invaders. Nationalism, Patriotism, Pride is gone. Hey lady, it is not a court of law, a kangaroo court, it is a discovery panel. But born in Manila and grown there too. Senator Grace Poe echoed Escudero’s reasonings.

In this case, it was to thwart or eliminate the intruders in the community.

Mamasapano clash – Wikipedia

Of course it has advantages to be good at adapting, it is a skill that underdogs have to learn. In other words, inhumane.

Why not faster, more aggressive work? If GMA was considered tough, I find her toughness was that of teeth, a show of naked power. A few months after the clash, Mamsaapano Basit Usmananother target of the operation, was killed by MILF after being found hiding on a base command’s camp. The rest is history. February 22, at 7: It always circles around. They could not be blame thinking they are cursed Retrieved January 25, I esswy miss a really professional, comprehensive and well-researched report on Mamasapano with timelines, maps and profiles of all key players, as objective as possible.


mamasapano encounter essay

The more extreme the legislator, the more vested the personal interest, the louder the voice. Funny, just recently today? The Federal Bureau of Investigation later participated in identifying Zulkifli’s body. essa

mamasapano encounter essay

How can this problem be solved? Their female batch mate, Senior Insp. But the point is, like the generals, their mission was not accomplished until it was too late. So personal peace is achievable.