For further information regarding thesis submission and distribution, please contact the IPN Office. Presentation of research work accomplished at an advisory committee meeting is required once a year from the start of the student’s program, and no more than 12 months should pass before the subsequent meeting. Candidacy Exam Approval Form: Therefore, for up to date general guidelines on the preparation and submission of the thesis, consult the GPS website at: The research must be conducted under the supervision of a faculty member of the Integrated Program in Neuroscience.

Students who are no longer registered at McGill must be readmitted to be eligible for thesis examination. Demonstrate the ability of the candidate to carry out research. Consistency of formatting for footnotes and references is required throughout the thesis. If the student is considered to have failed in the performance of the Thesis Seminar, one repeat will be permitted. A recommended format is:. Writing a PhD thesis and arranging the defence can take many months; be aware of this and schedule your PhD Thesis Seminar accordingly. PhD Candidacy Exam Note:

The presentation shall take approximately 30 to 45 minutes and shall be followed by a question period. The Committee members will indicate that the student has successfully completed the Thesis Seminar by signing the Seminar Approval Form, which will go into the student’s file. Our graduate program is very large approximately students and laboratories are spread out over several research institutes. You should provide a PDF copy to your supervisor or co-supervisors and to your respective graduate office for distribution to the oral defence committee members.

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Plan ahead to make sure you graduate in a timely fashion! If the project is deemed to be in an unsatisfactory state by the committee, another meeting must be scheduled within 4 months. Sign in site maintenance. The examination begins with a formal presentation by the student which reviews the background and the rationale for the proposed study, the specific hypotheses and objectives, the methodology, results obtained to date and future directions.


mcgill ipn thesis submission

Nomination of Examiner 5. However, IPN expects the student’s research to be of sufficient quality for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. A comprehensive scholarly discussion of all the findings In case of a manuscript-based thesis the comprehensive discussion should encompass all of the chapters of the xubmission and should not be a repetition of the individual chapters.

Please consult their web site at https: A comprehensive review of the relevant literature The literature review must be in line with disciplinary expectations.

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Members of the Doctoral oral defence committee must hold a doctorate or equivalent. Select your Advisory Committee An advisory committee of your supervisor or co-supervisors and a minimum of two maximum of three additional professors who are familiar with the research field submissuon your project should be chosen within the first semester. The written thesis proposal must state the hypothesis being tested, review the relevant background literature and summarize the methods that will be used to address the research question.

mcgill ipn thesis submission

Therefore, when the Ph. This should happen within two weeks of you starting in IPN. Sign in site maintenance. You must be registered in the appropriate degree program at the time of initial thesis submission. Publication of manuscripts, or acceptance for publication by a peer-reviewed journal, does not guarantee that the thesis will be found acceptable for the degree sought.


PhD Thesis Seminar Note: For Masters students seeking transfer to the PhD program, the Advisory Committee will consider the student’s academic record and research progress in this decision.

A brief abstract in both English and French. The preliminary advisory committee meeting must be held within the first year.

Preparation of a Thesis

Effective as of Januaryall IPN students are obligated to create and submit a ‘poster kit’ in preparation for their M. The student must have submitted their written thesis by the third year theis their Master’s studies.

The Mentor is not expected to attend advisory committee meetings, but must be notified that the meeting has taken place. You may submit your thesis at any time during the year. Must show familiarity with previous work in the field and must demonstrate ability to plan and carry out research, organize results, and defend the approach and conclusions in a scholarly manner.

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Sign in site mchill. New students should be familiar with the contents of: The research presented must meet current standards of the discipline; as well, the thesis must clearly demonstrate how the research advances knowledge in the field. Fall Winter Summer Neurology and Neurosurgery: It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and follow these regulations. Consult GPS’ web page.

Thesis Format Script and Page Format A conventional font, size point, 12 characters per inch must be used.