Table 3 Different types of mucoadhesive dosage forms. In this review, the aim is to provide detailed understanding of mucoadhesion, bioadhesion of polymer, and techniques for the determination of mucoadhesion; finally most common routes of mucoadhesive administration will be presented along with examples of formulation studied. From ex vivo retention studies, it was found that the bioadhesive polymers held the tablet for more than 24 h inside the vagina. The peel test is of limited use in most bioadhesive systems. Diclofenac, poly acrylic acid[ 64 ]. Since no standard apparatus is available for testing bioadhesive strength, an inevitable lack of uniformity between test methods has arisen. Microspheres were fabricated by a spray-drying method using a mixture of polymers, such as pectin, polycarbophil, and HPMC at different ratios.

The magnitude of the moduli is a qualitative indication of the system structure. Lined with mucous membrane containing columnar cells, goblet cells, and basal cells. Mucoadhesion may be affected by the initial force of application. In fact, all theories are relevant to identify the important process variables Lee, Park, Robinson, Above this region, the structure is destroyed.

Conventional delivery methods are not ideal. In this review, the aim is to provide detailed understanding of mucoadhesion, bioadhesion of polymer, and techniques for the determination of mucoadhesion; finally most common routes of mucoadhesive administration will be presented along with examples of formulation studied.

mucoadhesive drug delivery system thesis

On the other hand, in the gastrointestinal tract direct formulation attachment over the mucous membrane is not feasible. Diabetes Metab Res Rev.

Polyacrylic acid hydrogels have been extensively studied as mucoadhesive systems. On a log-log graph, they are represented by a constant straight line.

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Systfm results of this study suggested the need for a clearer definition of mucoadhesion, because they called into question the polymers that are swelling dependent and undergo in situ gelification, because they do not seem to interact with glycoproteins, although they are called mucoadhesives Sigurdsson, Loftsson, Lehr, This process leads to the mixture of formulation and mucus and can thus increase contact time with the mucous membrane.


The science of adhesion I. Tablets can be applied to different regions of oral cavity, such as cheeks, lips, gums, and palate.

Mucousl membranes of human organism are relatively permeable and allow fast drug absorption Jasti, Li, Cleary, Janssen Pharmaceutica conducted phase III clinical trial of mucoadhesive systems based on itraconazole vaginal cream containing cyclodextrins and other ingredients. Chitosan is a semi-synthetic polymer obtained by the deacetylation of chitin and has been sysem investigated as a drug delivery mucoadhesive systems Woodley, Studies have demonstrated that chitosan can promote the absorption of hydrophilic molecules by the structural reorganization of the proteins associated to the intercellular junctions Bravo-Osuna et al.

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems in the past have been formulated as powders, compacts, sprays, semisolids, or films. Such forces have been considered the most important in the mucoxdhesive interaction phenomenon Smart, because, although they are individually weak, a great number of interactions can result in an intense global adhesion Mathiowitz, Chickering, Lehr, Nasal delivery of protein and peptide therapeutics can be compromised by the brief residence time at this mucosal surface.


mucoadhesive drug delivery system thesis

Most of the tests available were adapted from other preexisting techniques but are useful and necessary for selecting the promising candidates as mucoadhesives as well as in elucidating their mechanisms of action.

Second generation mucoadhesive jucoadhesive.

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Peristaltic motions can contribute to this contact, but there is little evidence in the literature showing appropriate adhesion. This curve is then used in bioadhesion studies. Bioadhesive sulfacetamide sodium microspheres: Techniques utilizing gut sac of rats The everted gut sac technique is an example of an ex vivo method.


Photodynamic therapy of vulval neoplasias and dysplasias: Mucoadhesive suppositories of ramosetron hydrochloride deug carbopol. Drugs that are liable to extensive first-pass metabolism can benefit greatly if delivered to the rectal area, especially if they are targeted to areas close to the anus.

The zeta potential of dispersion is defined as the potential between the liquid superficial layer surrounding the dispersed particle and the remaining solution volume.

Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Electronic theory is based on the premise that both mucoadhesive and biological materials possess opposing electrical charges. Delivery systems for the administration of drugs to the periodontal pocket.

mucoadhesive drug delivery system thesis

The number of methodologies applied to analyze mucoadhesion is constantly growing, although the use of different methods may sometimes lead to incoherence among results due to the heterogeneity of parameters and conditions used Sigurdsso, Loftsson, Lehr, The 3M company has developed a buccal patch system which consists of a matrix patch containing drug, mucoadhesive polymers, and polymeric elastomers surrounded by a backing material.

This test measures the force required to separate two parallel glass slides covered with the polymer and with a mucus film Bruschi, Freitas, ; Chowdary, Rao, An alternative technique which also uses a video camera is the flow-channel method.

Molecular aspects of muco- and bioadhesion: The rectum is part of the colon, it is 10 cm in length, and has surface area cm 2.

This is perhaps the most-used theory in studies on the mechanical measurement of mucoadhesion Mathiowitz Chickering, Lehr,