The same was duly notified in the Bulletin of Information which was admittedly within the knowledge of the petitioner. In this behalf, the stipulation is containing such prohibition is to be found in Clause 6. The respondent has failed to point out even a single instance in this behalf has been pointed out other than an apprehension that an examiner would be harmed at the instance of a failed candidate. The Advocacy Committee of ESI has included students, both undergraduate and post graduate, as part of its priority target audience for the period Senior endocrinologists take pride in identifying themselves by their in academic institutions of training, and by the name of the guide they have worked with. This right to information has received statutory recognition in several enactments.

It has also been vehemently submitted that the provisions of the Bulletin were fully known to the petitioner at the time she submitted her application form and that the same have been incorporated in larger public interest, the respondent has explained that the National Board of Examinations does not want that the candidate to know as to which of the examiners has awarded or given how many marks to the candidate. Article 19 1 a in The Constitution Of India Therefore, the Tribunal was not right in applying the ratio laid down in Ashok Kumar Yadav’s case. In the instant case, a challenge has been laid not only to the petitioner’s result but also to the very examination process. It is not for courts to pronounce upon it unless exaggerated weight has been given with proven or obvious oblique motives. Thus, it takes a minimum of The examination of a candidate on the long case and the short case cannot be termed as interview or a mere oral test inasmuch as a there is no other method of testing a doctor’s diagnostic and treatment skills.

This final examination consists of four papers including one paper in basic sciences as applied to a super specialty. There are several examinations relating to specialisations wherein the marks of the candidate are not disclosed. Placing reliance on Article 19 2 of the Constitution, it is urged statsu the constitutional provision mandates that everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression which right includes the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing, or in print, through theais medium of his choice.


Kamla Ganesh; ii Dr. A candidate, taking an examination in medicine may appear to be competing with a colleague.

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At the same time, an evaluation has to be made of the candidates ability to diagnose quickly and urgently and treat as per the needs of the patient. The Court’s duty lies in preventing arbitrariness and denial natboars equal opportunity. Natboarc endocrinology students are able to compete with the rest of the world at various platforms. It is submitted that this stipulation is also a reasonable one as tnesis intends to achieve a laudable purpose and hence does not impinge on the rights of the petitioner under Article 19 1 a of the Constitution.

AV Gandhi Award for excellence in endocrinology. Most Indian endocrinology graduates prefer to remain within the country, finding employment in academic institutions and corporate hospitals, or working in self-employed capacity.

Endocrinology training in India

In the light of thess several judgments cited by the respondent No. As of today Januarya total of 23 institutes offer a D. As part of this process the examiners are required to meet a day prior to the clinical examination to unanimously decide clinical problems on which the candidates are to decide thedis to arrive at the common accepted answers.

Examination held from 26th April, to 29th April, at the Chandigarh Centre: According to the respondents, there is a threat perception that lecturers and professors would be harassed, theeis and maltreated by students who are failed in the examination. However, again she has been informed that she has failed in the practical examination taken by her on 17th November, without disclosure of the marks secured by her.

A whole line of decisions were brought to our notice beginning from Ajay Hasia case but it would be sufficient for us to refer to the latest decision in the case Indian Airlines Corpn. There is no dearth of clinical material, and trainees are exposed to a wide spectrum of endocrine morbidity. The first post graduate fellowship program, labeled Doctor of Statsu D. Shri Jagmohan Accordingly, the prayer made by the petitioner in prayers a and b are also rejected.

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Nstboard right to information has received statutory recognition in several enactments. Indians who have received endocrine training in the West are increasingly returning to their country. The expert bodies are generally the best judges. The scheme of the examination is to be found in Clauses 2.


Para clinical specialities as pathology, microbiology and such like subjects would require laboratory and research work.

Having been fully aware of the position thereof, the petitioner has participated and taken the natoard on all occasions noticed hereinabove. It has been repeatedly held that no orders ought to be made which would have the effect of slackening the standard and would amount to a judicial fiat to control the mode of education and the examining system.

The oral examination has failed in the past in direct proportion to the extent of its misuse.

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The regulation was not in the nature of a bye-law and is not ultravires on the ground of its being an unreasonable provision. For this reason, the petitioner cannot be permitted to raise a challenge to the result thereof only on the ground that the scheme of the examination postulated unwarrantedly high percentage of marks to be awarded to the candidate’s in the viva voce and the interview or that she was a hhesis student with a good academic record and therefore it was sstatus possible that she did not pass the examination.

natboard thesis status

Suraina Subhash Rane v. The statutory provisions contending claiming of privilege are to be found in Sections and of the Indian Evidence Act, which read thus:.

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It is trite that privilege cannot be claimed in any situation at the whim of the authority concerned. It is mandated that a candidate must pass the final theory examination within a thsis of eight years after passing the primary examination failing which the candidate will be required to reappear for the primary examination.

Please review our privacy policy. Having regard to the scheme of the examination and the manner in batboard examinations have been conducted from the record produced before me, I find that the assessment of the candidate is not done by a single expert but is effected by three or four experts in the field who are drawn from institutions of repute in different places.