The final activity we looked at linked to square numbers also came from nrich. I have also produced progression documents for 2D shapes , 3D shapes , angles and position and movement. If your estimate is good the eggs will be caught in the nest but if you’re too far out it all gets very messy. See the rainforest post for a picture, or click here to download resources. I think of 2 numbers. This program is also useful for looking at the equation of a straight line.

Can you work out a system that enables you to solve the problem in the minimum number of moves? Place the coordinates Tablet enabled – iPad Android more I always teach the children the strategy:. Put your mental capabilities to the test with this ancient puzzle. The equations of motion: Planet information gap Information gap activities require children to work in pairs and share information verbally.

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I have uploaded smartbord files accompanying these activities to the tes website. Do you have a suggestion? Fraction Blocks Tablet enabled – iPad Android more A high energy quiz that requires coordination as well as knowledge. Angles in a triangle Tablet enabled – iPad Android more This extremely powerful, open-ended tool enables you to create and display loci quickly.


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Ideal for interactive whiteboards or tablets! We then explored why this is the case using paper strips, before moving into ssolving realms of algebra. I have this activity in the context of area and in the context of mountains.

Solving this puzzle with children reminded me of other consecutive number puzzles we have solved over the years. If you do download the zipfile, be patient it takes a while. Please give us feedback, we welcome all correspondence from our users.

ngfl maths problem solving

Choose between a positive quadrant grid or all four quadrants. This resource also includes printable worksheets.

The squares can be painted in the colour of your choice. The video of a modelled question takes students step-by-step through the pfoblem solving process.

Guide the falling terms into the correct bucket by working out if they are greater than or less than half. Pulleys Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Create your own pie chart A versatile resource that allows you to create your own pie chart in seconds.

ngfl maths problem solving

Improve your ability to recognise equivalent fractions. A tool to help your pupils visualise fractions.

ngfl maths problem solving

Maps and scaled drawings Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Graphing calculator Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Part one of a truly outstanding suite of three solvnig to help with the teaching of enlargements. This resource helps you introduce the basic concepts of enlargement and scale factors. The displacement-time graph game Tablet enabled – iPad Android more User-friendly controls make it easy for you or your pupils to draw the line of reflection and modify the position and shape of the object.


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Drawing enlargements Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Learn to balance chemical equations with this flash activity.

Examine the forces acting on your sheep in order to position a velcro wall. Professor Twit’s mathematical mind reading trick Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Finally, they solved the attached puzzles:. I will post examples of activities I have used and web pages I have found which have helped generate ideas.

Here is the document I produced to support teachers with finding rules and describing patterns. Students are shown an equation and must choose a solution from several numbers bouncing around the screen.