But here, it’s like seven weeks of pressure all the time. The projs also killing me liao. This paper serves as a guide thus hopefully clears the mist and ends the puzzlement. Foreign students tell Channel NewsAsia that stress often presents itself in loneliness and pressure over academic affairs. Li Xun xli e.

Posted by Jonathan at Separately, David’s family flew in from Indonesia, to cremate his body on Tuesday. Indonesian newspapers carried reports of the stabbing and the blogsphere is abuzz with chatter. Lecturer, college of information engineering, Zhejiang university of Technology, China. If you graduate with the basic three-year degree, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage in your search for a job in the communications sector as your domain knowledge will be extremely shallow. For example, CS Media law, Ethics and Policy helps them stay out of trouble and avoid getting sued, CS Web Design and Technologies is increasingly relevant given the prominence of the internet as a communicative platform, and CS Basic Media Writing trains them in fundamental skills that every communications practitioner worth their salt must know. Hello, thanks for your post.

Correct length comes from correct amount of details and correct scope; Putting in unrelated materials demonstrate your poor understanding of the subject matter naturally deserves “marking down”. Besides that, she also produces silly graphics for social media pages. Project OfficerOct. But if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or better yet, drop me a message on Twitter or Reddit.


Sometimes these “raw data” can be put in appendix. Then getting older liao see girl together also.

ntu fyp thesis

Jonathan 25 February at This is on top of the university’s five full-time counsellors. You just have to consciously seek them out and opt for them, as thessi to them being fixed for you to take as compulsory modules like in WKWSCI.

Development of Star Track Baffle.

ntu fyp thesis

How committed are you when you make a decision? If u suay suay kana a devil, den you will suffer lots of Final Year Pain. Engineer, Hewlett Packard, Singapore.

Aung Myat Thu Linn. Shandong Normal University, China. SMU said that it is the first university here to formalise such a student support system. The Widjaja family were visibly upset when they arrived at the Singapore General Hospital’s mortuary. Now pple will think ntu eee fyp is very hard got standard one, which is good for me. Sichuan University, China MEng: But where does that leave NUS?

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China.

DR-NTU Institutional Repository (research data and papers)

And you would be right. At least you’ll be able to impress people by telling them about the sociological theory of anomie Theis click a few buttons during the declaration period between semesters and you can morph into a major in something else. Dalian University of Technology, China. Usually tables are used to summarize the obtained data, and plots are generated from these data in a certain manner to demonstrate to discuss a certain trend.


HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. I don’t think it matters that much that the NTU degree is a “professional” degree where the word “Communication” appears in the degree name itself thesiw the NUS one is a “general” social science degree where the word “Communications” is tacked on at the end, seemingly an afterthought.

Engineer, One Photon Pte.

School of Biological Sciences

It runs a semester-long Facilitation and Counselling Class where students are equipped with basic counselling skills. High Accuracy Star Tracker for Nanosatellite. If you can’t, or just thesiss with a vague “um, something related to communications??? The purpose of writing such volumes is to pack as much detail as possible into one place. Dalian University of Technology 1st job: University of Science and Technology, China.