In Spain, even if a couple is married, the Patrimonio targets individuals so that their marital statutes do not make them lose a tax-free threshold The value and interpretation of this motto has evolved in time. On this point, the report notes the possibility to pay tax in art pieces in lieu of payment After having analysed the data available regarding tax-motivated expatriation, and having shown that this problem is still negligible at the moment i , we will examine why there is reason to believe that this problem might increase in the future ii. The same individual as a French taxpayer would only benefit from a 1,3 million exemption, regardless of whether or not they have children

The ISF was then heavily criticised, because the absence of limitations on the tax generated cases where people were paying taxes that were higher than their income e. A provisory tax on wealth The Patrimonio was introduced in the s as a provisory tax, but still remains in place A and has developed an elaborated legal regime B. After having determined where the roots and history of the German wealth tax a , we will now examine its regime b. The legislator consequently readopted a tax limitation After having understood that the ISF derives from article 2 of the French Constitution, which introduces a legally-binding principle of equality and fraternity A , it is necessary to examine that it is as well the expression of a constitutional obligation to national solidarity B. Supreme Court Court de cassation a.

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It is also of note that the very controversial French exemption on art pieces has a very restricted counterpart in Spain Why keeping the French wealth tax? Real property Ibid. The same solution was re-affirmed in a case where a magazine had published the name of the biggest French patrimonies.

Therefore, disseertation per individual instead of per household, including an individual threshold, is an efficient protection for married couples.


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This problématisue, for example, that even if piece of art was exempted, the loan taken to buy a piece of art could be deduced from the ISF which leads to double exoneration. In contrast, persons who increased their wealth abroad and were not ISF taxpayers before leaving France were obviously not motivated to leave by the ISF.

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For example, the draft of the financial law registered by the National Assembly expressly states that: The French couple, disserattion of the wealth tax, with a lower wealth, would be at a disadvantage compared with a similar situation in Spain. Right of married couples In France, the tax obligations change depending on the marital statue of a couple. However, this new challenge will be too great for one MS to solve alone and would probably need, over time, a discussion and harmonisation at the EU level.

More important taxation as a barrier to free movement? Internationalised context 19 a.

disserrtation The value of a piece of art or an antique is its market value on December 31st The only point on which all French political parties seem to agree is the need disertation reform.

Reforming the current application problématqiue progressivity In the aftermath of a crisis, States need more income, particularly from taxes, and it is logical hat the richest participate more in this national endeavour.

On the one hand, it avoids pieces of art and, consequently, artistic heritage from being sent abroad For this purpose, we will examine justifications, coming from both EU and Constitutional law, concerning the existence of French wealth taxation. Essentially, in order to reduce the cost of tax-motivated expatriation within the EU, it will be necessary to regulate the tax competition between MS.

This examination of other legislation will provide a new point of view concerning this topic since qp of the proposals so far have only focused on national concerns.


Basis to calculate the Patrimonio 38 i. This is necessary to preserve State viability. Any fiscal decision requires the unanimity of the 28 Members States, since a switch to a simple majority for tax-related matters was refused by some MS In some other cases, the approach will be reverted.

Consequently, these shares constitute values in their properties taxable under the ISF In Spain, even if a couple is married, the Patrimonio targets individuals so that their marital statutes do not make them lose a tax-free threshold Indeed, the administrative cost for the State to collect the ISF represents 2. Nowadays, established case law of the Constitutional Court interprets article 13 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 26 August as implying progressivity.

His feedback, guidances and advices were more than helpful. Taxpayers Identifying a taxpayer for the ISF requires determining who they are 1 and the extent of their obligations if an internationalised context exists 2.

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Other exempted properties Properties that are not work-related can be totally i or partially ii exempted from ISF Therefore, it is natural to wonder why citizen are not leaving France or Spain for other MSs offering them a lower taxation. The Spanish or the German regime could inspire a solution. Debates surrounding the reintroduction itself 48 a. Spain has equivalent exemptions This dissretation led to aborted law projects. Finally, because the dissertatiion of the wealth tax in Germany might bring additional incomes to the States, in a post crisis context, it is necessary to review its regime well enough in order to avoid indirect undesirable effects.