Immersion in a physical, social, and intellectual environment can elevate performance and stimulate personal as well as professional development. Please accomplish the questionnaire completely and honestly. CCA enhances students experience, understanding and brings benefits beyond students and parents expectation. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Extra-curricular activities help to inculcate civic and democratic values by participating in self-government and organizing different festivals and ceremonies. This review material is pertinent for it provides dependable information on different subject areas every senior ought to be familiar with. Thank you very much and God bless.

For the will answer the questionnaire provided. Female students were found to have higher academic achievement than males. The whole facet of the learning process shall ensure the provision of good quality and relevant education. What is the performance of the students in the following subject areas? Competitiveness, excellence, quality achievements, creativeness and enthusiasm are few of the ethics of extra-curricular activities and also strengthen the meaning of co curricular activities in school.

This study will be delimited in all Grade 9 students of the 8 public secondary schools of Alaminos City Division.

research paper about ncae

Academic Performance To perform is to take a complex series of actions that integrate skills and knowledge to produce a valuable result. Their entire school career as well as their own goals and interests should be considered when deciding on a course of study and a career.

Teachers for years have been regarded as the essential catalysts for school improvement and school improvement. Co-Curricular Performance The meaning of co-curricular activities revolves around its different feature and characteristics.

Related Studies Previously conducted studies were reviewed by the researchers as they were deemed relevant to the study ablut be undertaken. Sarsani and Ravi investigated achievement in mathematics of secondary school students in relation to selected variables.


research paper about ncae

Co curricular activities include sports, school bands, student newspaper etc. Sunitha studied academic learning environment of students from aided and unaided co-educational high schools. Co-curricular activities help in realizing the importance of education and develop the spirit of healthy competition.

research paper about ncae

The participants of the study were secondary school students of both sexes drawn from ten schools of Ibadan. The 8 secondary schools includes: CCA makes you active and energetic thereby help in learning and enable to develop multiple skills to students.

The researchers will make use of surveys to find out the most prevalent results of the study. This ultimately proves their academic performance. Teachers play a pivotal role in helping the students to direct their potential to achieve their destiny. Co-curricular activity along with formal education helps to channelize the hidden potential of the students and make you a good citizen.

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The results indicated that there were no significant differences between the academic achievement of boys and girls. This avout helps the students, the parents, and their teacher evaluate not only student’s scholastic aptitude but also their career option based on their skills in any field of interest. It enhances knowledge in many domains, which benefits the student as well as the school.

It helps in developing features like speech fluency and extempore. Level of Performance of respondents. This is supported by Yusuf when contending that the performance should not only be based in terms of test and examination results and student ability to apply what is learnt and the rate at which students move on to higher institution of learning, but should include other areas such as whether the students have acquired the survival skills.


The students take the same test at the same time. Academic Achievement-this refers to the academic performance of grade 9 students in their academic subjects Non-Academics- pertains to researcj academically related and that all students must participate in and have the benefits towards academic.

The Correlation of Ncae Examinations and the Academic Performance of the Students (Chapter 1)

Since then, academic performance has been used to grade schools and most importantly to determine ones career paths. In real life there are parents who are authoritative in terms of school work is concerned.

Lissabeth Ross, NCAE results can be a big help for the students to have a beautiful career and future. To Teacher — For the teachers to determine the appropriate track for their students.

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Educational institutions are mandated to use education as a reseach for social transformation. Each item will be explained for further understanding. As such, these variables may have influenced the student- respondents academic achievements.

The intelligent students will help the low achievers to upgrade their grades and enhance their confidence. The results indicated that there was no significant difference between the academic achievement of male and female students. To determine the exact respondents of this study the stratified random sampling technique using fishbowl method will be adopted so papet each individual would have an equal and independent chance of being selected.

Results also indicated that rural students performed better than urban students.