Our Euroculture staff conducts various research projects in the interdisciplinary field of Euroculture, also within larger projects with the partner universities of the consortium. Dutch students International students. To me, the city of Groningen has just the right size, it is not too small, but also not too big — you can get basically anywhere by bike! Prospective students with a Dutch degree register for the admissions procedure by filling in our online application form. Since we have been selected as one of the best European Studies Programme s in the Netherlands source: Once you get used to this speed, you will not experience that much stress.

For the third semester, students opt for either a work placement Professional Track , or research courses Research Track at either a European university, or at any one of the non-European partner institutions selection applies. Kolar Aparna Radboud University won the prize with her Master thesis: Working at the Commission offers me the possibility to implement and experience from the inside what I learnt through the Euroculture European Studies. In addition to my course load, I am also the chairperson of the Groningen University Theatre Society. Marieke van der Sloot University of Amsterdam won the very first Thesis Prize in , with a thesis on young Tibetans in India, entitled:

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It is precisely this constant dynamic process of the shaping ruh Europe that you will study in the MA of Euroculture by focusing on European society, politics, and culture from a global perspective. Programme options Professional track In semester 3, students can opt for a work placement. When I say mobility, I will have to provide you with an explanation: The study has definitely met my expectations: The Board consists of:.

rug letteren thesis

Renske van der Wal University of Groningen with her Master thesis: For the third semester, students opt for either a work lettdren Professional Trackor research courses Research Track at either a European university, or at any one of the non-European partner institutions selection applies. In your fourth and final semester, you focus on writing letteeen thesis. For more information about the validity of your English test or about possible exemptions, see: Given increasing environmental concerns, his work specifically examined the increasingly precarious position of oil shale as an acceptable fuel source.


Modern History and International Relations.

Theses and placement reports Faculty of Arts – Theses and placement reports Faculty of Arts

I have had an interest in the English language for years, and the Groningen programme is rated as the best in the country. They can also help you find the right institutions and student desks for your problems. The analysis of thsis letter, as well as similar Dutch, French and Italian sources, demonstrates the significance and multifaceted character of reading activities and shows that books and religious reading played a more important role within lay circles in the late medieval period than has urg been thought.

Janny de Jong Department of History. I think the approach in which citizens and culture, instead of structures and models, form the central point of attention and reflection stands out.

Fashion in Gentrifying Urban Spaces: Upon registration, the following elements must be submitted, completed and in digital PDF format: Where does the recent rise in Euroscepticism come thesks

The focus of the programme is on cultural and social developments, the political process of European integration, values, citizenship and cultural identity within Europe and its correlations with the thesiis world. Registration Registrations must be received by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences by Tuesday 12 March at the latest. Denise Kroes Utrecht University won the prize with a thesis entitled: Cystic fibrosis liver disease and the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids.

In your second semester, you go to a new university, where you focus on a particular region or topic.


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They were very interested in the intercultural skills I gathered, and these still thesos me a lot today. So I asked myself, what did I find more interesting than anything else after all, I will likely spend the next 50 years of my doing thisand that was English. If so, you could qualify for the Holland Scholarship, a partial scholarship which helps you to finance your studies. Study associations Arete Its name derived from the old Greek word for “excellence”, Arete is theiss alumni organization of the Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts Euroculture programme.

Contrary to political rhetoric, these constructions are led by groups of actors, notably political actors and large energy corporations, for reasons other than the idea of national ltteren security.

rug letteren thesis

Find additional information on the research of our staff below. Inthe jury decided that a shared first prize was lletteren most appropriate outcome because of the high quality of the shortlisted contenders.

I have increased my knowledge about Europe and its institutions, I have become familiar with two different cultures I also studied in SpainI have met people from all over the world lettwren have even been able. Last but not least, assistance was provided by the university student office in my application for visa and search for accommodation.

Theses and placement reports Faculty of Arts

Master – full-time Euroculture EM. When you study Euroculture, you study at at least two different European universities. It prepares you for a follow-on Master’s degree program or for entering the labour market.

I especially profit from the intercultural experiences gathered during my studies Read more.