Putting together a coalition by appealing to diverse interest groups works best in such a territory. Let’s come back to their answers after first considering a more radical, result-based theory. The result is that you get one minority representative, and a slew of representatives who owe nothing to minority constituents. Instead, she proposes, we ought to believe — apparently in the face of the failures of public policy — that society is not so racially polarized; public policy could generate gains for everyone. There is no doubt that her powerful voice will produce good consequences for our nation and world. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Alfred yuson essays on abortion. Cracking and stacking are more complicated, but they have the same result: The tension between the diagnosis — the failures of public policy — and the prescription — procedural reform — made her position difficult to defend, even if the President had wanted to. I have no doubt that Guinier’s ideas have now received a wider exposure, through their publication by a commercial press, than they had before she was nominated. This tension within Guinier’s thought parallels another. As such, it is at odds with modern American voting law, though other nations have been more attracted to variants of proportional representation than to the US system. Substantively, the Constitution would limit what majorities could do.

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Lani guinier tyranny of the majority essays

As I’ve suggested, Guinier offers procedural remedies for the substantive concerns that motivate her. We should note, but only in passing, that Guinier’s proceduralism has a rather narrow focus.

Given these difficulties with systems of proportional representation, it is not clear to me rhe Guinier’s system of cumulative voting, if widely adopted, would actually help advance the interests of racial minorities. The losers, we might think, had a fair chance — their voices were heard — and simply lost when the legislature thought about what good public policy would be.


In fact, even a general super- majority requirement might sometimes help minorities by giving them something on which they could trade votes.

Readers who sympathize with her desire to ensure that legislatures advance the interests of racial minorities almost certainly have in mind the large-scale failures hyranny national policy on issues of interest to racial minorities: The idea is that democracy is not a system with a permanent majority, but shifting coalitions of minorities. And to answer that question, it turned its attention to making sure that district lines were drawn to guarantee that some elected officials won the support of a majority consisting of minority group members — a strategy that has involved “race-conscious” methods of drawing lines around voting districts, as with the now- famous mile long, serpentine District 12 in North Carolina.

the tyranny of the majority essay by lani guinier

Democratizing Higher Education in America. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Guinier takes her title from Madison, who sought to avoid “the tyranny of the majority” through both substantive and procedural limits on majority rule. It then looks at whether the results of the political process advance those interests.

Of course no one is entitled to a high position in the government. Guinier’s opponents correctly located one side of her ambivalence about our political system. But a policy that is a bogey-man in the hands of a public official can be an interesting academic proposal.

Lani guinier the tyranny of the majority essay about myself

If that is right, then the principle of reciprocity appears to eliminate concern that majority rule will systematically disregard the interests of minorities, even racial minorities. Let’s come back to their answers after first considering a more radical, result-based theory.

Professor Lani Guinier’s collection of her now-notorious law-review articles — augmented by an introductory essay describing the circumstances under which those articles became matters of public controversy — describes several stages in the evolution of modern voting rights law.


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These essays reveal keen powers of analysis applied to some of the most obdurate problems that bedevil electoral politics.

the tyranny of the majority essay by lani guinier

But unlike race-conscious districting, cumulative voting would not reinforce existing racial divisions or limit strategies of cross-race alliance. Read more Read less.

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Postez majoriity commentaire Annuler. African Americans are, of course, a minority in the national electorate. Essay about coastal cleanup ventura grandparents house essay giveaway.

the tyranny of the majority essay by lani guinier

Alfred yuson essays on abortion. Origin of soccer essay comparative essay linking words in english grammar. Our politics is not well-designed to deal with complexity — which is, indeed, why the Voting Rights Act of obscured fundamental issues about the right to vote.

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