Requirements to apply Assembly of the exam committee Date suggestions for the internal and public defense if dates are mentioned on the submission form, a chairman has to be appointed Send this form and your cv in pdf to doctoraten. Read the ‘Instructions’ here below to install the signature in your e-mail software. Simply use your account name to differentiate which part of Ghent University you are. See also digital templates in Word and PowerPoint to print. Logos en faculty icons 3. Mail the seperate image s: Home Research Doctoral research Enrolment doctorate Ph.

Do this in the font Arial size 10 and respect the order as in the Word template. Deliberation The oral defense takes place in the presence of the Exam Committee and the public. Do not use other logos. The Doctoral School then formulates an advice to your Faculty on the doctoral training programme. Are you enrolled correctly?

Hand in 4 instead of 5 hard copies and theeis proof of the Biblio submission to the Faculty Student Administration. Grid and layout 7. The end point is marked by the public defense of your doctoral dissertation or doctoral exam.

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This consists of two parts: Each version is available in English or Dutch, in pixels not too heavy for internet of pixels for big or wide screen. The internal exam results in 3 possible outcomes: The diploma and certificate can also be collected by a proxyyou theais assigned.


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Design them like this:. A Master’s dissertation by two students with the same subject is possible under following conditions:. The oral defense takes uggent in the presence of the Exam Committee and the public.

Type in your details manually into the field. Should this not be the case, you can collect the documents at the Faculty Student Administration. Diploma, certificate and diploma supplement The Registrar’s Office draws up the diploma and the certificate of the doctoral training programme.

For your public defense, you will need to print public hard copies of your dissertation to hand out to the Faculty Student Administration, the exam committee and the audience. Your defense will take minimum 1 and maximum 2 hours. thrsis

thesis fbw ugent

The examination committee needs to re-assess the modified manuscript and give final green light for admission to the public defense. A master dissertation tthesis mainly research; an internship is day-to-day work at a company.

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Therefore, write ‘Universiteit Gent’ or ‘Ghent University’ manually. Logos en faculty icons 3. Simply use your account name to differentiate which part of Ghent University you are. Publish your dissertation on Biblio, print the proof and mail it guent the Faculty Student Administration.

Questions about the master’s dissertation procedure English master programmes: Check any possible changes Make sure you didn’t make any unreported changes during your PhD track. Reservations After a positive internal defense, you can start organizing your public defense.


For more programme specific information of the master dissertation: This way a faculty, academic department, fnw group or lab within one faculty can distinguish themselves.

UGent Panno Text Medium 35 pt example software icons: Download e-mail signature – Universiteit Gent Campus Kortrijk. This consists of two parts:.

Master’s Dissertation

Use the slide division to select the different types of slides. If you apply for the Doctoral School diploma, keep the proof.

thesis fbw ugent

Make sure which line is in bold too. There is a template for the central administration and a template for the 11 faculties.

Admission to public defense no changes or minor changes requested within 60 days after internal defense Admission to public defense, provided that specific changes are performed in the manuscript. The doctoral diploma and possibly the certificate of the doctoral training programme can be delivered after receipt of internal order form. If applicable, the Exam Committee also declares you have successfully completed the doctoral training programme.

Are you dbw correctly?