If a sponsor has provided support for the creation of the work, the user must verify that the work can be published through the service. See the library page IT-support Back Wifi instructions Email to your phone Office info Make your life easier and utilize these guides. The Degree Thesis is a test of knowledge that can be designed and evaluated in many different ways. Your supervisor decides when your thesis work is ready enough to be presented at Thesis Forum. When the work is done, the student will submit the work to the supervisor for evaluation within the agreed time. The classified part of the degree shall be an annex to the degree thesis and is saved with the archive copy in the library archives.

Artistic work such as a film or equivalent, where the thesis consists of a production and a report that describes the professional considerations and choices the student has made during the creative process. If research ethical problems arise during the implementation of the study, the student is asked to report this to the supervisor and to the Ethical Committee. Degree Thesis Thesis Forum. The aim of the maturity test is to show mastery of your research topic as well as your linguistic maturity. Strive to make your poster easy to understand, with clear main points. Established abbreviations may be used when appropriate does not contain major reference errors is written in the correct word order A maturity test can be rejected if it not written according to the guidelines above. Apply for weekend access to the Arcada building.

The TF-timetable has all available dates listed.

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Degree thesis practices In order to initiate a thesis, the student should have completed courses to an extent of at least half of the total number of credits in the program itself ie, and sp. This means that students fill in the Ethical Committee’s form “Plan for Thesis” and send the form and attachments electronically to their supervisor for approval.


Reserve a locker Weekend access Do you need to get work done in the weekend? Product development such as a machine, software, instrument, quality system or a welfare report carried out for a company or organization. At the same time an assessor of the thesis is designated.

The grade is essentially determined on how meaningful and comprehensive the survey is. The supervisor has the right to request a thesis language revision.

The language in which the maturity test should be written in is based on your school language if you have received your education in Finnish or Swedish. Hyunjee So what am I doing inside arcada Sarah Hagstr m.

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The work to be saved in Theseus must be the same as the one approved. The evaluation of the thesis is done by the assessor along with the supervisor. The Ethical Committee at Arcada ETIX The purpose of the Ethical committee is to verify that empirical degree theses and projects fulfil the ethical requirements of research in their initial phase. Decide upon a suitable date and time for your TF presentation with your supervisor check the TF-timetable.

Remember that the thesis is published electronically and becomes a visible business card for you! With regard to practice in the subject and nature of the work, the degree thesis and master thesis are evaluated thsis satisfactorygood or excellent 5. Please submit the following enclosures with the form ” Short Plan for Thesis ” A completed application for research permission on the form used by the research ethical committee of the organisation in question.


Bachelor Thesis Guidelines Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky. Urkund Urkund offers an automated system designed to deal with the problem of plagiarism.

thesis forum arcada

The classified part of the degree shall be an annex to the degree thesis and is saved with the archive copy in the library archives. You can lend tyesis reserve books through Arcada Finna. Job Board Looking for a job? The content is evaluated by the supervisor and the use of language by a competent language teacher. Thesis Forum Anvisningar Studieguiden Arcada.

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After the examination, you will receive feedback, if needed, on your text. Thesia media s influence on the mental health of young adults inside arcada. Use the Arcada poster-template. Choice of supervisor Every degree thesis shall have a supervisor who is employed at Arcada. Portfolio Simon R nnqvist. Members of the Ethical Committee 1. Maturity examination After submitting the thesis, the student should participate in a written maturity examination.

Schedule How are your studies going? Instructions for registering for the academic year Start. Template for Degree Thesis The template in.

thesis forum arcada

Thesis Forum is the official occasion where students present their degree thesis. The works contained in the service and the information related to them constitutes a personal data file.