The Investment Manager may select models that are not well suited to prevailing market conditions. Total Annual Expenses 2. Investment decisions for the Investment Funds are made by the Investment Managers independently of each other and may conflict with each other. Among other effects, global financial and economic turmoil has led certain brokers and other lenders to be unwilling or less willing to finance new investments or to only offer financing for investments on less favorable terms than had been prevailing in the recent past. Board Oversight of Risk Management. General Economic and Market Conditions. Transactions of this sort could result in the Company directly or indirectly incurring certain transaction costs without accomplishing any net investment result.

Securities that may be received upon a distribution may be illiquid or difficult to value. The Adviser considers a theme to be a market or economic development believed by the Adviser as likely to drive profits, typically because the Adviser believes that the impact of the chosen theme on the pricing of particular market instruments or segments is not fully appreciated. The Company may try to acquire additional interests in Investment Funds to bring itself into compliance with the Subchapter M asset diversification test. Companies involved in acquisition attempts via proxy fight may be the subject of litigation. Investment Funds may take control positions in companies. While these instruments can be significant components of the investment programs of the Investment Funds in which the Company invests and may indirectly affect the performance of the Company, it is presently contemplated that the Company will not enter directly into derivatives transactions.

These conditions may occur again. Interests in Investment Funds are themselves illiquid and generally are subject to substantial restrictions with respect to redemptions or withdrawals and on transfer.

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The Adviser structures allocations to individual strategies and to individual Investment Funds with the prowpectus of achieving the desired absolute return target, while attempting to limit potential losses.

Investment Funds may be unable to sell restricted and other illiquid securities at the most opportune times or at prices approximating the value at which they purchased the securities. No Shareholder will have the right to prlspectus the Company to redeem his, her or its Shares. Unlike trading on U. In applying the investment restrictions and other policies described in this Prospectus, the Company will not aggregate its investments and transactions with those of the underlying Investment Funds.


The Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses are paid to, assessed and collected by the managers of those Investment Funds in which the Company invests and are common to all hedge fund investors. The trading models may be focused on technical or fundamental factors or a combination of factors.

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Systematic trading strategies generally rely on computerized trading systems or models to identify and capitalize on trends in financial and commodity markets.

Structural stresses in the European Union have been a source of continuing global economic and market uncertainty over several years. The Company has the right to repurchase Shares of Shareholders if the Company or its designated agents determines that the repurchase is in the best interests of the Company or upon the occurrence of certain events specified in the LLC Agreement, including, but not limited to, attempted transfers in violation of the transfer restrictions described above.

Managers seek to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by selectively sourcing assets that are expected to benefit from current trends and have risk-mitigation qualities. Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses 1. Certain models make use of discretionary settings or parameters which can have a material effect on the output of the model. No assurance can be given that an Investment Manager will be able to locate investment opportunities or to correctly exploit price discrepancies.

In this regard, the Adviser in many cases seeks to negotiate arrangements that provide for regular reporting of performance and portfolio data by the Investment Funds. Negative conditions also can be expected as a result of any reduction in central bank supporting programs. Separately, there are very limited options for hedging regulatory risks. Sinceseveral prominent financial market participants have failed or nearly failed to perform their contractual obligations when due—creating a period of great uncertainty in the financial markets, government intervention in certain markets and in certain failing institutions, severe credit and liquidity contractions, early terminations of transactions and related arrangements, and suspended and failed payments and deliveries.

In the case of a purchase of shares of such a company in a public offering, the purchase price may include an underwriting spread.

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Financial strength and solvency of an issuer are the primary factors influencing credit risk. Theesis may be incurred from spread positioning due to price differentials.


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No assurances can be given that these repurchases will occur. The Company will also furnish monthly account statements which include thesjs most recent net asset value per Share of the Company to Shareholders.

Many other unforeseeable events, including actions by various government agencies and domestic and international political events, may cause sharp market fluctuations. In such cases, an Investment Fund or the Company may incur a loss.

The Company, in its discretion, may permit gund withdrawal of tenders at any time prior to the Valuation Date. While the precise effects of scale cannot be determined, there can be expected to be both benefits e. Each prospective investor should consult his, her or its own professional advisers as to the legal, tax, financial or other matters relevant to the suitability of an investment in the Company for the investor.

The Investment Funds generally are not limited in the markets in which they invest, either by location or type, such as U. The Funf and the Investment Funds may close out a position when writing options by purchasing an option on the same security with the same exercise price and expiration date as the option that it has previously written on the security. Risk management with respect to portfolio construction will seek to achieve diversification across trading styles propectus investment strategies, asset classes and markets.

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Investing by Investment Funds in this manner could cause the Company to indirectly incur certain transaction costs without accomplishing any net investment result. The investment program of the Company is speculative and entails substantial risks.

The prices of the securities of smaller companies may be subject to more abrupt or erratic market movements than larger, more established companies, as these securities prospectuz are traded in lower volume and the issuers typically are more subject to changes in earnings and prospects.