This is what you earn from your team when any upgrade happens in your organization. Our system allows customers to buy directly using your trevo identification number so that you earn for bringing in customers that only want to use trevo and never want to be in the network business. Your monthly income comes from this. The company describes its unique international business model as follows: Most of the disadvantages of the GNLD can be easily tagged to the fact that the company is old but still if believe that they should also have moved with the trend of science and technology and adjusted their plan. They actively support a variety of charitable organizations and ministries both in their local community and in the global community.

Like my official Facebook Page and Follow me on Twitter for updates. If it keeps going from your 1st 2people 1st generation to your 10th Generation, you would have people in your 10th. Flp as a company is a succesful company that has been able to withstand all the ups and down in the global economy. When you ask someone for instance do you know Trevo, the person say yes i know it, my family takes it and all but am not interested in the networking because;. Will you have FUN?

They might not be in your country or city but at a stage in the business the points they get from the products they buy and their team members will count for you and it will be turned into money as pool bonus trevk is shared monthly. Any company that their compensation plan states that you cannot earn more than your enroller please avoid it because once it becomes saturated you wont have new people joining again and the old ones would leave to newer companies basically because they feel joining at that point tjey bsiness just coming to work for the guys who joined at first.

My target population for writing this article are not people who are already involved in network marketing bcus am not trying businesss pull down any system but lets be frank with ourselves with this fact, please if you dont think any of this 2points are right, you can ignore dis article and stop reading it.


trevo nigeria business plan

This pool bonus is our way of rewarding sales leaders, business builders, and dream builders for their strong leadership. The company promised to trrvo person that signs up a brand new car once they complete stage 1 which with my analysis was a registration of about just 40people.

Yes they tell you that its either you offer products or services. In other companies if my team member doesnt meet up to the number of pv or points to generate many uplines use their money nigeia buy products in the name if their team members to meet up the points they need. I know what you want to say that they are the same right? Helping hand is not rendering services.

Trevo MLM Review – Jetro Olowole

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trevo nigeria business plan

Our system allows customers to buy directly using your trevo identification number so that you earn for bringing in customers that only want to use trevo and never want to be in the network business. Flp Nigeria was successful because their products are daily use products even though a bit expensive. Example for each bottle in the picture above see the generation accessed column to know how many generation it will qualify you to earn from. If you join a company, you brought in a few persons to your team e.

There are six p,an different ways to join Trevo business. But if each of your team members buy 1bottle each you earn on each one of them multiplied by Vemma also granted him a franchise approval in the same country. Well if you don’t learn, how do you intend to earn and become successful?


Same thing if you get to Foreva living, Trevo, Oriflame, Edmark etc… This means that Nigerians do not know the indepth part of each companies compensation plan before joining. You earn commissions on every purchases made by your team members up to the 8th generation.

trevo nigeria business plan

Without the product, Trevo can not sell itself. Few months ago something if a similar nature occured again with Vemma in another country and as i speak to you now Vemma is at the verge of total collapse again. Let me shock you with this points. You can start up your buainess Ponzi scam.

Trevo Home Business Income Opportunity

Ladies and Gentlemen although this is shocking and the ugly truth but the fact standa that Foreva living is a Glorified Shop. Dramatically i told him i want to register and he said i should give him the money and he would have to travel to owerri or lagos to register me. The main thing is that the Trevo product sells itself. Fine stick to your old 35yrs old company and watch what Trevo leaders would earn in the next 2years.

And they are present in 12 states. Trevo – Living Healthy And Wealthy. Flp is on a Unilevel matrix- Unilevel Matrix system says there is no limit to the number of people you can sign up directly to you.

Trevo MLM Review

Good network marketing plans should state that you your input should determine your earnings. The first way you can make money is by retailing. The Trevo MLM back office seems to be well thought through, and a lot of thought seems to have been given to help their sales reps do businrss online — using the Trevo-given MLM replicated website.