My development as a researcher requires that I do my own recovering. She wanted them to learn how to create more inclusive classrooms and to have a greater understanding of the complexity of the learning needs of their immigrant and refugee students. The review of relevant literature is not confined to 3 one section of this thesis. This aspect of decolonization that I call Indigenization supports both my research practice and my language work. She suggested that linguists involved in language revitalization must take the time to compare and understand 27 the differences between Indigenous and European worldviews and languages. She tied many facets of Indigenous 43 history and experience into a persuasive argument to offer hope for the survival of Aboriginal languages in Canada.

In this dissertation I intentionally rely on this growing body of Indigenous scholarship to influence and inform my research practice. I received a lesson in this meaningful aspect of our language, as well as the challenges that it can create in language learning, when I asked my Uncle Pete what I thought was a simple vocabulary question one summer evening. I enter this experience with my language in a way that is similar to my experience of making my blanket: Safety consulting business plan template. Each button is its own challenge.

It was a rich year with lots of learning. Mike Willie spoke to me about the support and encouragement that he has received as people in the community recognize his efforts as a language learner.

Narrative inquiry, an approach to qualitative research that builds understanding through experience and story, gave me a good place to begin my own approach to inquiry.

trish rosborough dissertation

He also emphasized the importance of relationship and described an Indigenous research trsih as founded on the understanding that relationships form reality and that research must maintain accountability to those relationships. From Elders and fluent speakers of Indigenous languages, I have come to understand that our knowledge and worldviews are embedded in our languages.


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The researcher must be explicit about how his or her identity and positioning influence the research at all stages—planning, practice, and dissemination. It rosborojgh of takes the past and brings it forward, or brings it here with me. In the context of sensitive and supportive language-learning relationships and environments, forms of laughter such as those associated with the joy of mastering a new word or sound, with sharing a joke in the language, or with accidentally saying something unexpected and funny can become a welcome and energizing part of learning an Indigenous language.

trish rosborough dissertation

There was pretentiousness in the way I related to my white grandmother. For me, stitching this final detail to the blanket has been a slower and more thoughtful experience than the intense work of preparing the blankets for the potlatch. This introduction phase built understanding of my intentions and expectations and how I and others fit into the work on both a personal and a group level.

This reflexive learning will continue well past the defence of my dissertation dissertatino I engage as a participant in language revitalization. Prior to applying to the EdD, Sandy had a highly successful consulting and teaching practice and he also had a gnawing sense that there was something more he wanted to explore; something as yet unfinished. As a teacher and secondary school principal, Christine Perkins has always been deeply interested in democratic citizenship and the idea of student inclusion.

I was disssertation 17 that the old quilt had made the journey to Connecticut, where my daughter tried to make her home. Remembered event essay ideas. But there was, she found, even more room to grow and learn.

For various reasons, Indigenous peoples have challenging relationships with the academy. I include the list here in full because the principles are a powerful assertion of Indigenous approaches to learning that speak not only to the context of the courses for which they were developed, but also in much broader ways to those who seek to Indigenize educational practices.


But as I moved through the process, experiences, and critical reflection, I became aware of a need to learn from my language. I make my g sound harder and probably speak louder. Following the metaphor of the button blanket, I think of the interviews as the buttons that we use to define and enhance the design.

trish rosborough dissertation

Though speaking Indigenous languages is now encouraged, access is often limited. As the border design, the frame of my dissertation, I choose to let my story speak for itself.

I reflect on the words of an Elder: As is the case with ceremonial practices, so it is with our language. Every new thing he did—a smile, a word, a step—was an event to celebrate together.

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Always feeding the guests. Through his narrative, he presented his research in a way that brings meaning forward through his relationships—in his research and with his young sons—and creates a strong connection with the reader despite separation in time and space.

I begin to hear and see the details that I have not heard and seen before. Later the blankets were designed with red cloth borders to 53 represent the sacred cedar bark. My mistake shows through, and I debate for just a second: If creation is to continue, then it must be renewed. When an admired mentor suggests that you pursue a doctorate, you listen!

She brought her scholarly approach to this institutional transformation while also contributing to a new thinking in clinical nursing education through her dissertation research on the disjunctures in nursing clinical placements.