In today s tough economic climate, demands on customers are increasing and we are very conscious that whilst electricity distribution costs represent only approximately 16 per cent of the electricity bill, UK Power Networks has a key part to play in making electricity affordable. We are therefore proposing to undertake four network reinforcement schemes, forecast to cost around This means we deliver the following activities: Allowed for operating costs. See how it was developed and the part that you played in it. Our Final Business Plans set out what we plan to deliver for customers, how we have engaged with stakeholders to produce the plans, and what the plans will cost.

Since , we have incorporated within our engagement an extensive programme of consultation on all aspects of our to business plan to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders and deliver value for money over the long term. Final Date More information. Summary The purpose of these Rules is to provide a framework the collection More information. As a minimum this will include phone, SMS text, twitter and online 7. Develop a project with NEA to educate young carers about energy efficiency

What is the governing body More information.

Document Library – RIIO ED1 Revised Business Plan

Wholesale costs reflecting electricity generation. The purpose of this report More information. Investigate all noise issues and address all non-compliant sites Connections Basil Scarsella Chief Executive Officer.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

Business plan highlights 7. Fromagree and publish a service rii plan with associated key performance indicators Create a group of UK Power Networks local community energy champions To generators, shippers, suppliers, network companies, consumers and their representatives, the sustainable development community, investors and other interested parties Promoting choice and value for.

UK Power Networks Business plan (2015 to 2023) Executive summary

Publish heat maps to provide an overview of current network capacities by location See how it was developed and the part that you played in it. Smart Ukn Executive Paper Smart infrastructure overview The ever growing global demand for energy, combined with increasing scarcity of resources and the threat of climate change, have prompted governments.


We have proved our ability to deliver on difficult assignments as evidenced by faultless electricity distribution not only during the London Riil and Paralympic games but also during other high profile events such as the Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Maintain our community fund investing riuo, per annum Work proactively with third parties to reduce the level of fuel poor in our three networks: This seeks to define Contracts for Difference CfDs and their relevance to energy related development in Copeland.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

Powering your business is our priority Power cut Powering your business is our priority Contents 2 Preventing power cuts 3 Who are UK Power Networks 4 Plans for your business in case of a power cut 6 My business has lost money 8 Your rights More information. Develop a project with NEA to educate young carers about energy efficiency Little for project commissioned by Ofgem.

Our expenditure plans We will ensure More information. Introduction Purpose More information.

ukpn riio ed1 business plan

Provide access via a web portal to cable diagrams allowing customer access to eed1 to date information This section introduces infrastructure resilience, sets out the background and provides definitions. Engage with two million children and members of the public, either through face to face or via on line interaction, on public safety issues over RIIO-ED1 Continue to improve the service provided to vulnerable customers: Supporting transformative change in the energy market Non Traditional Business Models: Introduce longer office hours for our contact centre a to weekdays b to Saturdays Host two subject-specific priority issue focus groups on vulnerable customers and fuel poverty every year Provide every vulnerable customer an alternative high priority dedicated number Expenditure in RIIO-ED1 is forecast to increase by 17 per cent as our detailed asset modelling tiio an increase in the amount of asset replacement required as a consequence of our ageing asset rilo.


However, certain spend categories benchmark as amber for individual networks.

Highlights from our plan. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate to More information. Reduce the Total Recordable Injuries rate accident rate perhours worked by 10 per cent per annum to less than Reduce the Lost Time Recordable Injuries rate accident rate busnesshours worked by 10 per cent per annum to less than Achieve at least one year with no RIDDOR reportable lost time incidents for employees and contractors by the end of the period Establishing a dedicated customer services directorate, and separating the asset management function from the delivery of capital works, Introducing an element of performance related pay for all our employees, linked to our progress against our upper third vision, Focusing the business on improved reliability, getting the lights back on more quickly through changing our working patterns and roles, daily operational calls focused on long duration interruptions, clearing backlogs of maintenance, increased use of generation and rilo in automation, Reducing our pln cost workforce by around people or 25 per cent, via a rkio severance scheme, to make our overhead costs efficient, Focusing our network investment on delivering health and load outputs, and only reinforcing or replacing assets where there is a clear customer benefit rather than simply following our original investment plan, Investing in cultural change programmes across the business to: Business and domestic customers seeking gas and electricity More information.

Respected corporate citizen high quality of supply, reliability, customer service and social responsibilitySustainably cost efficient delivering our outputs at lower ukn and facilitating the transition to rii low carbon economyand Employer of choice delivering excellent safety performance and high levels of employee engagement.