Are all internal and external multimedia objects and files present for submission? It is the student’s responsibility to prepare and assemble all materials for the thesis in accordance with University and CGPS regulations and to ensure that the thesis volume is complete and in good order. Before submitting Before you begin, read the information found in General Form and Style for Theses and Dissertations. A Handbook for Writers of Academic Prose. They should be single spaced with double spaces left between notes. Consistency will help maintain the integrity of the document as a cohesive whole and sustain the clarity required to facilitate the review of the thesis by the Advisory Committee and Examining Committee.

Are the margins set appropriately and consistently throughout the document? The abstract section 2nd page should not exceed words, excluding the title. Chapter layout Chapters of the thesis need to be numbered sequentially. This time is necessary in order to give examiners the opportunity to examine the thesis carefully. Do well in your classes? To ensure consistency and clarity in presentation, previously published materials should be assigned page numbers that are sequential within the thesis, and page numbers as they may have been assigned within the publication must be removed. Footnote numbering must be done consecutively and separately for each chapter.

usask thesis defense

Students must agree to the terms of the Licence Agreement in order to continue the submission process. PhD Defences The supervisor arranges for the Advisory Committee to meet and agree that the thesis is ready for the oral examination, as required by CGSR The supervisor advises the Graduate Secretary as soon as the student’s Advisory Committee determines the student’s thesis is ready for defense.

It is the responsibility of the student, the supervisor, and the Advisory Committee to ensure before the thesis is approved to go to the oral examination that typographical errors have been eliminated and punctuation corrected, and that the language of the thesis reflects the finest standards of correct, scholarly expression.


usask thesis defense

The manuscript content may also differ from the published version, and may include additional tables, figures or text, as required to ensure clarity. Spring and summer classes Get ahead in your degree. Given this, it would be good practice for students to inform the journals to which they submit manuscripts that these manuscripts may eventually be included within a manuscript-style thesis.

It is the responsibility of the Department Head or Graduate Chair to inform the student in a timely way of all department requirements surrounding the Oral Defence for example, that a public seminar be given.

The references in this list should be arranged either edfense or numerically, in order cited in text.

Procedures for Thesis Defence

Procedures for Thesis Defence When a graduate student is approaching the completion of his or her program, there are a number of requirements which must be met. Thesis Confidentiality A thesis is a public document and once submitted for the degree, exists in the public domain unless the candidate and the thesis supervisor request to withhold a thesis from circulation temporarily reasons for the request must be specifically indicated.

Figures must conform to the margin requirements of the thesis format. Career coaches and assessments. Was this page helpful? While the manuscript may be a published document, the format of the document in its role as a component of the thesis must be consistent with the thesis as a whole, regardless of the format in which the document was published see comments on formatting above.

Accepted rules of grammar must be followed, and forms of spelling and punctuation must be used with consistency. In the case of a Ph.

Manuscript-Style Theses and Dissertations – Students – University of Saskatchewan

Call ahead for current price and time estimates. This policy does not apply to course-based or project students. What could make this page better?


For example, it is expected that the numbering of tables and figures within chapters should be done for the thesis as a whole, which means that there should not be two tables or two figures refense the thesis with the same number. It is the responsibility of the student to make these changes. However, the publication status of each manuscript should be clearly indicated.

The numbering of footnotes in the table usak independent of that followed in the text.

A direct quotation of less than three lines may be incorporated into the text using quotation marks. To locate a thesis, modern retrieval systems use the words in the title and sometimes a few other descriptive words. The title page should contain the following information: Both axes of the figure must be properly labelled.

Any borrowed thoughts or expressions, or use of non-original material, must be acknowledged and documented. Apply for a continuing scholarship. Students must be aware that obtaining this permission may take some time and may require a fee. Transition The manuscripts should fit together in the thesis much as chapters would normally fit together in any thesis. Submission occurs in the first instance to all members of the Advisory Committee.

They should not hesitate to make clarification should they have the impression that the questions asked derive from misconceptions about the research material or the literature. Before you begin What is a manuscript-style thesis?

Publications listed in the final section may only be those which have been published or accepted for publication.