ATC provides cautionary weather advisories by way of Flight Watch. I would have expected the controllers to inform him of that. Well, if you can find the time and money, go get an IFR, it’ll only make you a better pilot and of course, more capable. Get too often to that limit and you are no longer welcome here. Thus, the responsibility is left in the pilots hands to be smart and safe; the only times they really yell at you is if you endanger someone else, create incursions, or for things like violating protected airspace, etc. I sometimes get called a “Tight A ” because I am a stickler to regulations and safety.

But, under VFR flights, or Part 91 regulations you can even get away with doing your own thing if the airport facilities are shut down for the day. Makes you wonder if controllers should not have the power to tell a VFR pilot to abort and to obey. It is well known we accept more on the forum then on other forums. Yeah again, their duty was advisory NOT govern – They advised, he ignored – They’re explaining his mistakes – he’s dead. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. But then again, I am known as a sissy pilot in the bar.

aopa accident case study vfr into imc

The controllers are clearly upset and worried, mark the ‘he is still alive ‘ comment. They used FSX to recreate the incident, and that makes it even more interesting for us. Oddly, the significant majority of VFR into IMC accident pilots received a weather briefing, meaning they were concerned about the weather, or at the very least, knew of poor forecasted conditions.

AOPA’s findings agreed with this statement as “most often, these fatal accidents resulted from pilots deciding to continue VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions.

So, if you are filed as VFR, your at the bottom of the list.

The current investigation used a type of regression analysis, which is a method to understand how strongly variables are related to, or predict, an outcome. I would have expected the controllers to inform him of that. Moreover, pilots may be accustomed to poor weather in high terrain and be more likely to “push the limits,” which seemed to be csse case in many accidents in the state of Alaska. Other factors, such as time of day and air traffic control ATC communications, had weak associations with VFR into IMC, indicating such events were less likely to occur during the day and when in communication with ATC.


I have never flown in the US being responsible, but I do have a good number of hours as flying passenger there. Other findings, such as the fact that pilots with low certification levels and high flight times having a higher incidence of VFR into IMC, beckons improved recurrent and flight acciident training to include SBT and hazardous attitude evaluation specifically related to flights acciident or around rapidly changing or deteriorating ccase conditions.


Also, pilots flying in mountainous terrain were less likely to be on a flight plan, perhaps counterintuitive to what might be considered good practice. Yeah again, their duty was advisory NOT govern – They advised, he ignored – They’re explaining his mistakes – he’s dead.

Yeah, most people in the mid-west are relaxed about a lot of things; He also was in and out of controlled airspace Class E Posted August 29, Also, Flight Following is a request made by a pilot for traffic advisories i.

Yet this has a limit. Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. We have users that are blocked on other forums and I find them valuable members here and they are welcome.

I can’t speak for other countries like France or Germany but, in the U. AOPA put a very interesting movie online about xtudy deadly incident with a small aircraft piloted by a person that thinks he can handle the problems thrown at him. Among studies specifically focusing on weather and VFR into IMC, it has been identified that pilots often misunderstand weather or don’t receive adequate education on how to interpret weather reports.

Accident Case Study: VFR into IMC – Air Safety Institute – AOPA App Gallery

I sort of expect the controller that handles me to ask me to repeat os complete words are lost. Personally I only fly when I can drive to the airport with the roof down and the airco or heater off. Also, the findings indicate some actions to mitigate risk in marginal weather conditions, such as avoiding night flights in such conditions, filing of flight plans and using all available resources to help keep them safe, namely interaction with ATC.


It is well known we accept more on the forum then on other forums. He’s an assistant professor of aeronautics and program chair of the masters of aeronautical science program. Clearly, those with lower certification levels could benefit from situational-based training SBT that concentrates on weather decision-making and risk assessment. Heck, I think ‘Say again’ is what I say most of all.

Pilots who don’t give Mother Nature the proper respect often find themselves humbled, scared and, in the worst of cases, injured or dead. The controllers were also surely convinced he was violating VFR regulations.

aopa accident case study vfr into imc

This could easily be reproduced in simulation. But, I can guarantee you that the FAA would have met him after the flight and had serious words with him, had he survived. Apart from stkdy VFR crossing of Manhattan that was extremely tight and professional all those hours stduy in rural USA and controllers were far more relaxed then I was used to. In other words, I could not see this event happening in the Swiss alps, someone would have started yelling and telling that pilot he was an idiot.

Furthermore, people in America are too proud to have people call them idiots, yell at them, and try to boss them around; I don’t think that’s going to change – but you pay for your stupidity here; no one will cover your behind and ultimately, in aviation, that means you’ve paid for it with your life I am also a bit surprised that the garbled and totally messed up bits of the radio traffic were accepted but the controllers.