My enthusiasm is gone. Lots of setup options and many more tables to come. Huge bang for the buck. Tap to an area on the screen you want to tilt the table. Zaccaria Pinball falls squarely in the second category, and is an amazing example of using technology to simulate and preserve a historical niche.

After bankruptcy, the factory in Bologna of Zaccaria was sold to tecnoplay in San Marino , that produced pinball machines from – and is still in business as an importer, reseller and maintainer of pinball machines, spare parts, arcade and vending machines and other amusement games. Hill Climb Runner Pris: The company was founded as a manufactory for pinball arcade games in Bologna by the three brothers Marino, Franco and Natale Zaccaria. This is such a great app for my kids! Zaccaria ‘Granada ‘ “. Solid physics, nice options, including regular and invert nudge direction options- very important. It’s very cool to have more vintage pinball recreations, especially from a company I hadn’t heard of before.

Plus settings are not easy to adjust. Play the best online, offline, and text-based games of any genre for a unique experience.

The only massive misstep the developers made was adding video ads for a free ball at the end of each game in paid mode.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

Get all keyword data via API or Spreadsheet. Ball animation is still pretty jittery on Pinball Champ table. Closest thing on iPad to real games. I look forward to seeing the rest of the tables, and will revisit my rating at that point. The games themself are pretty well done. Even the heavy hitters Zen and Pinball arcade can’t match the customizability and price per table that Zaccharia offers.


GLOW effect around playfield lamps that makes those lamps have more light-like effect.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

You nagged it out of me. Zaccaria was briefly reorganized under the label Mr. Red Special lamp flashes without time limit. Can’t wait for more updates and incredible games. Therefore, they licensed games and developed some games with their own designs. It’s basically a “nickel and diming” type of game; not worth it.

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Who is going to BUY five ball support, homewogk a darker table. Graphics, sound and re-creation are great. Log in Sign up Email. Ball does not bounce like it should. Pick this one up!

Zaccaria Pinball Master Edition

Not working right on my iPad 3. Just downloaded latest update Cannot purchase newest game, shooting the rapids Overall like this app a lot but please fix this problem Thanks.

That’s why it flashes “game time bonus” on the 4th ball- its a bonus round, not a fourth ball per se. Zaccarialater briefly reorganized under Mr. You can buy individual tables as they come out, but the cost is a bit too high for my taste.


FIXED drop targets and strike lamps carried to the next ball. The legs were also more angular in support compared to the mostly vertical legs used by other manufacturers.

Zaccaria Pinball

I enjoyed all 3 of the tables that are initially available. Metal Pinball – Classic arcade maniacs.

ask homework zaccaria pinball

At their best time, Zaccaria was the third largest company of pinball machines in the world after Bally and Williams. We will bring you almost all the pinball tables of zaccaria one after the other. Best 10 Cartoon Trivia Games Do you remember all of those cartoon characters? But it’s really annoying when your doing good then all the sudden the flippers stop working.

Some nice tables, but crippled by poor performance on iPad 3 and lower, and mediocre physics. So weird to not have the ball actually bounce and react to rubber but slow down, not realistic physics engine at all. Best 10 Helicopter Simulator Games Conquer the virtual skies!