Radio 3’s cabaret of the word, featuring the best poetry, new writing and performance. Choose your file Higher quality kbps Lower quality 64kbps. Shahidha Bari meets four people with artistic, scholarly and personal relationships with fresh running water. Ian Sansom’s inimitable imagined correspondences with some of history’s greatest artists. Rana Mitter and an audience at the British Academy hear from the six historians on this year’s shortlist. Presentation was described as “gruesome in tone and level” [26] and global music output was mocked as “street-smart fusions” and “global pop”. Its output centres on classical music and opera , but jazz , world music , drama , culture and the arts also feature.

Writing Music View episodes Authors meditate on a piece of music that has formed the backdrop to their craft. Freedom of Information Request. Drummond, like Hearst, believed that the music programmes’ presentation was too stiff and formal [8]: During Drummond’s time, Radio 3 also began to experiment with outside broadcasts including an ambitious Berlin Weekend to mark the reunification of Germany in and a much praised weekend of programming that was broadcast from London and Minneapolis-St Paul — creating broadcasting history by being the first time a whole weekend had been transmitted “live from another continent”. Innovative and thought-provoking features on a wide variety of subjects. Second of a new fantasy series, based on the iconic work of medieval Welsh mythology. Forgotten Feminist Futures homepage.

Paradise Lost

A collection of quirky tales from the corners of history. The Essay Leading writers on arts, history, philosophy, science, religion and beyond, themed across a week – insight, opinion and intellectual surprise. Five international writers consider an epidemic from the viewpoint of their own city.


The story of Cecil Sharp and the reinvention of Folk music. In the positions of Controller of Music and Controller of Radio 3 were merged, and with it the operation of the Proms, under the former Music Controller John Drummond. Retrieved 5 June Potent inspiration for art. The Envy of the World: The writer Ken Hollings reflects on his literary encounters with Friedrich Nietzsche.

Choral Evensong is the BBC’s longest-running outside broadcast programme, the first edition having been relayed from Westminster Abbey on 7 October Sign in to the BBC, or Register. The final shortlist of winning carols in the Breakfast Christmas Carol Competition. Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough examines the great fictional forests of art and literature. Exploring different aspects of history, science, philosophy and the arts.

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Retrieved 16 November Healthy eating Edwardian-style Elsa Richardson on the diet guru who set up a Covent Garden cafe and sold health products. Lisa Mullen looks at the contribution of Orwell’s wife Eileen to his writing. How the Tsar’s finest porcelain became a canvas for revolutionary podast. Upcoming episodes 12 new. Des Fitzgerald is a sociologist at Cardiff Uni. People vary in their sensitivity to Five Screen Gods homepage. Kenyon, similar to Singer a decade earlier, believed that Radio 3 had to make changes to its presentation before the new station began broadcasting rather than react later.

bbc3 essay podcast

An Ode to John Keats homepage. A European Life and talks to writer Bernardine Evaristo about her depiction of 12 characters aged 12 to 93 in her novel Girl, Woman, Other and to Candice Carty-Williams about her best-selling first novel bb3c podcast Queenie.


Now an hour long, it is still broadcast on Saturday, usually in the late afternoon. Katie Derham explores the relationship between music and dance in a variety of genres. Get a verified badge Claimed. As a result, the corporation had to reduce its costs.

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Leading writers on arts, history, philosophy, science, religion and beyond, themed across a week – insight, opinion and intellectual surprise. Its output centres on classical music poodcast operabut jazz podcazt, world musicdramaculture and the arts also feature.

The stated aim was “to gauge audiences’ appetite for music downloads and their preferred content, and will inform the development of the BBC strategy for audio downloads and on demand content”. On 10 July the BBC published essay plans for radio and television in a policy document entitled Broadcasting in the Seventies.

BachBeethovenHaydnMozart and Handel have all featured once most years, [60] a different aspect of their work being chosen for study each time. Improve the presence of your podcasts, e. Similar programmes By genre: Home Schedule Podcasts Composers.