Would be nice to know if we will be able to have an independent bbPress forum still tied to WordPress, but not BuddyPress groups. I found that phpBB was too much of a target for hackers and it was way too much work to keep up with and protect. This is particularly awesome for BuddyPress developers because it will allow them to internally extend bbPress to fit the specific needs of their own custom BuddyPress components as they see fit. At leat for the skin I chose, the CSS was well commented, so between that and FireBug, editing colors was pretty easy. A couple of things I noticed: Thanks for all your hard work on making all this possible. In order to keep activity stream clean this system only display an extract of long texts and conversations.

On a side note, I was able to set up a bbpress plugin Forum on another theme Awake but I cant seem to make it work with Thesis. January 15, at Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Alberto Alberto 21 3. Excellent blog was very useful…… Reply. Check it out on one of my Thesis sites Beyond HQ.

This can be fixed by hacking the code however but this may be an option to think about. I have been a user and long-term fan of bbPress. Alberto Alberto 21 3.


bbpress thesis 2

October 4, at A minute before seeing this article I was in a thdsis about this problematic for our design-keys platform. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

How To Add A Forum To Your Thesis Themed WordPress Blog

See this video for instructions: September 22, at The user want to do something on the platform. Check it out on one of my Bbpresss sites Beyond HQ.

Click the Play button above to watch the video! It is informative and ideal. October 3, at 5: To add a new item to your Thesis Nav menu that is not linked to a WordPress page:.

BuddyPress and bbPress – The Future ·

When bbPress the plugin is ready, will we still have to wait for Buddypress 1. Looking to meet new people to exchange info with,so leave me your name Bye, Reply.

bbpress thesis 2

Articles, updates, videos and more can be thesiis on the frontend of the activity stream. Jay — Thanks for reporting back on your experiences with SimplePress. August 28, at 9: They are also a place to interact and write. Hi, I am Don Campbell, and I am here to help your business succeed online.


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If you do, just override styles in the phpbb. Here is bhpress link to my phpbb. I suspect I missed a setting somewhere…. Such, long texts, article comments, etc.

Are you following the same steps or different? Will users have to migrate to the plugin and restructure the themes used such as: Keep up the good work guys.

bbpress thesis 2

August 24, at 9: I took the header styles out of my Thesis custom. Thanks to have read all of this in my broken english and hope this can be some inspiration for the developments.

September 9, at 9: A way of thinking to make it a good user experience while solving such problem. Don Campbell is publisher of Expand2Web more So I just did a view source on my Blog tyesis page again, and copied these lines.