However, on the other hand, learned counsel for the workman relied upon the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Gammon India Ltd. Establishment and Coordination section. Subject to the approval of the Government previously obtained, the Sangathan may alter or extend the purposes for which it is established or be amalgamated either wholly or partially with any other Organization by following the undermentioned procedure: Triple test is, therefore, satisfied in this case. The relevant discussion holding termination of the workman’s services to be bad in law is found in Paras9 and 10 of the impugned Award which may be reproduced to understand the reasoning adopted by CGIT in the impugned Award, which read as under:. CGIT has held that workman is entitled to reinstatement with full back wages or all other benefits which would have accrued to him. Resignation from membership and date of its effect.

It was pointed out to the Supreme Court that during the pendency of the appeal, the workman had reached the age of superannuation. Resignation from membership and date of its effect. To feed and maintain the data relating to programmes, accounts, employees, inspection, special programmes, data of RET, EMI etc. Calling of the Meetings. While refusing to regularise the workman by same letter, services of the workman were terminated who was working on ad hoc basis. Once in every year, a list of the office bearers and members of the Board of Governors shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi as required under Section 4 of the Societies Registration Act, as applicable to the Union Territory of Delhi.

In any case, since we are bound to follow the decision of the Constitution Bench, we, therefore, conclude that reinstatement is not the inevitable consequence of quashing an order of termination; compensation can be awarded in lieu of reinstatement and back wages.

Case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

This peti- tion is nehrk against Award dated 2. The main job of auditor is to analyse the audit reports, recommend for special audit of the Kendras whose report is in negative. Due to increase of work load owing to setting up of 18 Zonal Yuvw and 46 Regional Offices, four directors have been posted in the Hqrs to manage and look after the activities of the various wings.


Lissy Unnikunju And Ors.

Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

The whole undertaking will be ‘industry’ although those who are not ‘workmen’ by definition may not benefit by the status. The main objects of NYKS are to provide social services to the Public at large and the same are done without expecting any return in the form of monetary or in any other form and it is further submitted that social evolution is a process of constant growth and the State cannot afford to stand still without taking adequate measures through different organisations and hence the services provided by NYKS cannot be defined as Industry.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

The Sangathan, may change its name as nenru section 12 and A of the Societies Registration Act, Bishamber Dass Marg, New Delhi. The Annual Sangathan Society Meeting of the Sangathan shall be held on such ssangathan, time and place as may be determined by the Chairperson to transact the following business: The petitioner herein is engaged in discharging of its sovereign function for the public welfare and hence the same does not fall under the definition of “Industry” as defined under Section 2 j of Industrial Disputes Act, HR practices for the Projects.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Therefore, this judgment is of no help to the petitioner. The Supreme Court rendered its decision on 28th January, that is, about 14 years later.

Case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Workman asngathan was appointed on ad hoc basis, requested for regularisation, which request was turned down by giving the following reason in letter dated studu Murari Lal Sharma, Accounts Clerk w. The main objects of the NYKS are social trans formation in rural area, and in preserving, promoting and developing concept of unity and national integration, discipline, selfhelp and secularism, democracy, scientific tempore, cultural and heritage, functional literacy, building awareness among the rural youths and in providing avenues to the Youth to strive towards excellence in all spare of activities.

case study of nehru yuva kendra sangathan

Inspection of subordinate office i. Free for one month and pay only if you like it. I adopt the same yardstick and Award a sum of Rs.


Cae of ex-officio Membership. Subsequently, three Judges of the Supreme Court held by its order dated 10th November, in Coir Board case supra held that Bangalore Water Supply case supra does not require any reconsideration. Though the results of the research work done by it are occasionally published they have never been sold.

What will be the case study on Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan?

However, in specific cases, going by the peculiar facts and circumstances of that case, this relief can be moulded. Its object is not to render services to others nor in fact it does so except in an indirect manner”. In the written statement filed by the petitioner it was stated that workman worked from Librarian will be responsible for the Library booksmagazines, periodicals, news papers etc of the NYKS.

Parikh, learned counsel for the workman is right in contenting that even Telecom Department of Union of India as well as Department of Posts were held to be an “Industry” and contrary view taken by two Judges Bench of Supreme Court was overruled in the case of General Manager, Telecom Vs.

Accordingly, it was held that workman is entitled to rein-statement with full back wages and all other benefits which would have accrued. Members of the Society. The Sangathan shall review in its meeting s held at least once a year the progress and performance of the Sangathan and give such policy directions, as it may deem fit.

Calling of the Meetings. Qualified engineers and architects can be invited nehru the principal of the school hesi case study myasthenia gravis answers lectures and also to suggest methods of carrying out sangathan models.

UDCis responsible to deal with the day to day official correspondence being dealt in different sections at the Hqrs.

Shri Murari Lal Sharma, respondent No.