Giving a good impression to the interview surely will give you an extra point. There are some tips for the interview that you might consider to use. Evidence of English Fluency: Show to the interview that you have high passion to join the program by speaking with no hesitation and fluently. For Indonesian participants, please visit this link deadline May 15,

Under no circumstances are Fellows allowed to arrive in the U. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You are commenting using your Google account. Nowadays, KGLC has several partners from the government sector: Development Studies, what it is and how it prepares you for…. Letter of Recommendation-Albert Christian Soewongsono.

We did this ongoing project close to my house in Ngemplak, Caturharjo, Sleman.

contoh essay yseali

If so, please list them and describe your involvement. I will be leaving on the next September, and I am feeling more than happy to share the stories with you all. For example, you may be asked about your current and future project as well as your passion. You must spend some time to think about it because later on, you will need to write a short personal statement based on area that you have chosen.

I was selected to join this program with four awesome Indonesian young leaders: Before starting yeali fill the application form, it is necessary to check your area of interest whether in Civic Engagement, Economic Development, or Environment. Discuss how your participation would enhance your personal and professional goals and its impact to your home country, or institution.


Giving a good impression to the interview surely will give you an extra point. Medical, Physical, Dietary or other Personal Considerations: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

I hope that it will be useful for you.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, trade; investment; financial esay banking; microfinance; organizational development and management; grant writing; innovation; emerging markets and risk analysis; strategic business planning; corporate social responsibility; and, women and minorities in entrepreneurship. Please indicate why you are interested in participating in the program and what you expect to get out of the experience.

Hi young leaders, my name is Janu Muhammad. Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Indonesia through Fintech. All applications and inquiries MUST be emailed to: I felt so blessed and wanted to hug my mother.

Family Residing in the United States: Nominee’s Full Name, as it appears on your passport Full Name: Letter of Recommendation-Albert Christian Soewongsono.

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Have you been to the United States before? Besides the information, such as personal statement, social work lists, and recommendation letter, you will just have to fill some contooh details before sending your application to YSEALIjkt state. To give you a reference on writing a good personal statement, you can see on mine attached in this article.

For more useful tips, you can also check this article written by my friend, Janu Muhammad who participated in this program early this year. Embassy in Jakarta, or people at the Consulate General in Surabaya. Help Center Find new research papers in: The next step is the interview, and it will be conducted through Skype for around 15 minutes by people at the U.


Above all, perhaps the most important areas of improvement for me is to develop good character to be the role model for my students. Please use email subject: Show to the interview that you have esssy passion to join the program by speaking with no hesitation and fluently.

Five Steps to Apply to YSEALI Academic Fellowship

The ysea,i content must explain about your academic record and your social work. As the consequence, I should improve my capacity in geography research, teaching skill, and scientific papers writing skill.

I think, by doing this, the reviewer will be able to know more about yourself and your responsibility in each activity, and this could be an extra point for your application to be selected. Please state if the candidate has any existing medical conditions or is currently taking any prescription medication.

contoh essay yseali