Apparently, young folks really love most of his songs. A good lawyer can make a big difference for the final outcome of your case. In my second post, I gave members the option to ask me questions as long as it pertains to my topic. Subsequently we discovered VisaJourney. Not Telling Visa type: My wife came to the United States on a K-1 visa, and our daughter on a K-2 visa. Posted 01 March –

On the “don’t panic” front — ultimately the burden of proof is on the CIS to show a fraudulent marriage. I am writing to inform you of the attached joint I, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence for my immigrant wife, insert full name of wife , and our daughter, insert full name of child. Much appreciated, as I’m just putting my package together. This is where VisaJourney was tremendously, immensely helpful. Many couples submit no evidence whatsoever covering the period before their first interview. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Day Email notice with interview date set for OCT.

Please find appended Form I and materials to support removal of conditions on residence for my wife, Happy Chic.

Got an RFE, please help

We filed my AOS via a lawyer who cost us an arm and petter leg. We married shortly after her arrival, as we had i-7751 unable to do so previously, and have remained living together happily as a family with our daughter. I can only say that some members here have reported submitting their I late due to either certain circumstances or they forgot the deadline.


The petitioner is noted as a conditional resident by virtue of this marriage.

You do not have to have all of the types listed below as proof of the relationship; supply fover many as you like. Just the wrong word used.

cover letter for rfe i-751

In my second post, I gave members the option to ask me questions as long as it covee to my topic. Northern Central Region of Luzon.

cover letter for rfe i-751

Edited by simplymaria, 01 March – CSC returned original docs that were submitted at the time of application. We always recommend having legal assistance while filing a case. Same letter I got today from California Service Center.

Rfe Cover Letter Sample

Below is the exact cover letter and list of evidence we submitted for my removal of conditions. We even had our puppy in most of the pics we had together. Thanks for sharing Also the cat in your picture is super cute!

In case you’re still feeling a little lost while writing your Form I dfe letter, here are a few useful tips:. If you feel that you have found inappropriate content, please let us know by contacting us here with a url link to that content.

Obviously my husband and I belong to the “everything but the kitchen sink” group and our evidence came up to 5. Thank you Happy Chic.

WOW that’s a lot of evidencesi did not send that much, quick question, why did you send a copy of your marriage certificate? If you do not understand all the questions or statements, please consult with a lawyer. Edited January 2, by CookieCat.


rfe cover letter sample –

Status changed to ‘Card Was Mailed to Me’. CR-1 ca Local Office: Just held up for lack of other documents. It seems like a lot of evidence! Funny thing though, USCIS mailed me back the marriage certificate because it was an original on the day I was approved.

10 Tips “how to reply” to a RFE – Request for Evidence. – Immigration Law Blog

Check sonia’s post it will help you a lot about what you docs you need for the rfe goodluck! You link is good info, but it doesn’t really address “Requests for Evidence,” steps, which are fairly common requests during a petition procedure. Copies of just the envelopes showing the address is fine. Note that this guide does not cover every single RFE related issue. RFEs are often in point form requesting factual information from either the beneficiary or petitioner.

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cover letter for rfe i-751

I’m doin this now.