If the student desires, the whole project could be completed in two quarters one unit the first quarter, four the second. The bibliography should be annotated and selective. The Graduate Studies Committee recognizes that different topics may require different treatments. Abstract All theses, project reports, and dissertations in all disciplines must included an abstract. Failure to meet the stated deadlines may delay your date of graduation. Take care of yourself.

The last day to file your thesis or dissertation is typically the last Friday of the term. Bibliography for Theses in Composition, Rhetoric, and Language: Is the subject too large for the master’s thesis? Candidates may opt to use a citation manager to organize and format their references. Don’t get caught off-guard by important deadlines. Samples of proposals are available in the Advisement Office.

Bibliography for Theses in Composition, Rhetoric, and Language: By the seventh week of the quarter in which the student plans to defend the thesis, the student presents the Thesis Committee with three typed drafts guidelinez the thesis including a bibliography.

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Candidates may include keywords on the Abstract page of the manuscript if they wish, but it is not required. Title Page The candidate’s first and last names listed on the Title page, Copyright page, Approval page, and Abstract should be identical to what is listed on their official Cal State LA records; the candidate may decide whether or not to include their middle name or initial.

Nevertheless, students should be able to define the central subjects of inquiry and to present preliminary arguments, including working hypotheses, in order to demonstrate their ability to undertake the project.

Page numbers fall within the margins and must be at least 0. Take advantage of supplemental help available to you for FREE. Students must select two additional faculty members to serve csua their thesis committee, and tthesis is the students’ responsibility to keep these committee members apprised of the development of their thesis.


If further edits to the format are required, you will be able to replace your PDF on ProQuest with an updated version.

Your selection of secondary material will serve as evidence of your expertise on the topic csuoa your readiness to begin the thesis. Students must file for graduation a quarter in advance during the designated filing period printed in the Schedule of Classes. The schedule of these workshops is posted on the graduate bulletin board each quarter.

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Although proposals will vary widely in emphases, most will enable the Thesis Committee to answer the following questions related to the following basic issues: These are only examples of the wide range of possible thesis projects in the Composition, Rhetoric, and Language option. Students must obtain a faculty member’s agreement to thesie as their Thesis Director before signing up for any units of ENGL Citation managers can be a huge help in avoiding plagiarism.

The Cal State LA Commencement website is a great resource for details about dates, times, locations, tickets, programs, grad fair, and more. The annotations, which should csulz no longer than a sentence or two, should demonstrate your general familiarity with each book or article cited. Comprehensive Examination Information Registering for Thesis Units Completing the Thesis The Oral Defense Guidelines for Thesis Proposals These guidelines are designed to aid graduate students as they begin the thesis; and include a detailed section on preparing the thesis proposal.

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csula thesis guidelines

Approximately 20 entries should be annotated, usually with no more than a sentence or two. Guidelimes student may register for more than one unit in the first quarter. Preparing for Your Thesis, Project, or Dissertation Students are encouraged to prepare for their thesis, project, or dissertation thesls early as their first semester. The expectations for the thesis and the thesis proposals vary in the three thesis-options Literature, Creative Writing, and Composition, Rhetoric, and Language.


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A selective bibliography should list the editions of the primary texts you are using, any annotated bibliographies or reference guides that are related to your topic, and the most important secondary sources. Is the topic important enough to warrant a page essay? Jump to navigation Skip to content. Contents A proposal should sum up the key ideas and issues of the proposed thesis as clearly and as precisely as possible. ProQuest will send an automated email to your Reviewer that you have revised your submission.

csula thesis guidelines

These guidelines are designed to aid graduate students as they begin the thesis; and include a detailed section on preparing the thesis proposal. Timetable How thesiis work have you already done, and when do you expect to be able to finish? The Guide to Preparation of Theses, Project Reports, and Dissertations “ETD Guide” for short gives a comprehensive overview of the procedures associated with the thesis, project report, and submission process.

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Pages of the main text are numbered using standard Arabic numerals. These pages provide all the necessary resources for preparing and submitting the master’s thesis, report of master’s project, or doctoral dissertation to the University.

The length of proposals may vary somewhat according to the complexity of the topic, but most successful proposals average about 1, words or six to eight typed double-spaced pages plus bibliography. Page Numbers Preliminary pages are numbered using lower case Roman numerals ii, iii, iv, etc.