Artist Basil Hallward sees Dorian Gray at a party and suddenly feels that something bad is going to happen. The lessons are either impossible or boring and he left his lunch at home. He is wild and free and prefers the company of his Indian friends. Who is Hyde and why do all the people he meets dislike him? Find out in this beautiful story about the nature of love.

When beautiful young American Daisy Miller travels to Europe with her wealthy but unaristocratic mother, her innocent and friendly manner makes her more enemies than friends. Find out how Solomon was kidnapped, about his terrible journey South and his three very different masters. They always come first! When Miss Jessel accepts a position as governess to look after Flora and Miles, little does she know that her job will be so difficult. Welcome to Helbling e-zone. Everyone thinks that the hound of the Baskervilles, the terrible dog that has cursed the Baskerville family for centuries, is to blame. One day, he gets a message from the monkeys in Africa.

What is in his suitcase? A lively series of fully illustrated stories centred around a group of friends, the Westbourne Kidsallowing young readers to identify with both lösunfen characters and the stories. No one knows where Michael lösunngen from or who his parents are.

Follow Sherlock Holmes in two different and exciting investigations, ‘The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle’ and ‘The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet’, both about the theft of precious jewels.


The monster, rejected by his own creator and then all of humankind, goes from sadness to anger and then wants revenge. What powers of darkness take Mr Kurtz? A white elephant travelling from Asia to Britain as a present for the Queen goes missing in New York.

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He can give up all hope or fight to survive. How can he send away his Soul? Before long Mary learns to make friends for the first time.

Can Englixh solve the mystery of the three domes and find the very special place that Uncle Ismail had in mind for her? She enjoys match-making her friends in the village of Highbury, but slowly seems to lose her touch as complications begin with Frank, Harriet, Jane and Mr Knightley.

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So Ricky decides to make his video more interesting. Register for Cyber Homework.

Can Doctor Dolittle save the monkeys? The kids at school make fun of the twins and say that they are from another planet. What do Matthew and Marilla decide to do?

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But when Mr Roberts takes an interest in the birds the boys become suspicious. People smaller than his thumb and giants that can crush him as they walk. A series of original fiction specially devised for young teenage students of English. When Miss Jessel accepts a position as governess to look after Flora and Miles, little does she know that her job will be so cyver. Later they see some men going into the same shop with a bag. Uncle Tom is a good slave but his kind master, Mr Shelby, is in debt.


cyber homework into english 3 lösungen

No one knows who is the prince and who is the pauper. Is she in love? One cold Christmas Eve three ghosts visit him and take him on a frightening journey to show him what is wrong with his life. London, Venice and Istanbul. Helbling English Mexico Central America views. This summer is really boring.

They run away to be pirates and come back in time for their own funerals, they witness a murder and they find treasure.

Only David can help her. She is very happy when a handsome rich gentleman, Mr Bingley, arrives in the neighbourhood, and falls in love with Jane. When the Fisherman catches a beautiful mermaid in his nets he falls in love with her. Growing up is not always easy, but jomework is very rewarding.

cyber homework into english 3 lösungen

When she auditions for The Green Room summer school she meets Nathan, who shares her dream.