Answered Apr 8, Related Questions What is a creative psychology personal statement’s opening line? I can recommend you to get some assistance from the professional services that help students with their applications to different universities. Ask for feedback on your form from the shortlisters although this is not always given at the application stage and take this on board and do something to address it. July 3, at 1: You are commenting using your Facebook account. What is the key difference between clinical psychology and counseling psychology?

July 3, at 1: Email required Address never made public. Here I really wanted to outline the many trials and tribulations I found whilst putting together my personal statement for my current Clin Psych doctorate application, and am hopeful I was not the only applicant to experience these challenges! Thankfully applying to course centres that utilise an entry exam to help filter out people and to identify stronger candidates for interview does put less pressure on the personal statement. We asked her about getting on in clinical psychology and how to apply for training and assistant posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The most dreaded part of putting the application together is undoubtedly the personal statement which is only 3, characters in length which includes spaces!

I will apply again this year and was always the year i was hoping statemnt make the interview process at least. Self-care is paramount in this profession and it is important that we practice what we preach.


Think about how you can convey this in your form and weave it in somewhere, obviously within reason and within the boundaries of taste, relevance and appropriateness to the application.

Again, repeat and pay attention to this mantra — make their job easy!

dclin personal statement

Insure all your favourite things in just 90 seconds. Get started today in just a few clicks! Make it easy for whoever is reading your form to tick the boxes that they will inevitably have in front of them that map onto the person specification.

You need to prove that you understand what psychology is and how important the scientific elements of the course such as statistics and experimentation are.

That means not cramming in as much information as you possibly can in size 8 point font with no paragraphs.

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Did you ever get onto the DClin Psych course just out of interest? Ombudsman Services Nonprofit Organization.

dclin personal statement

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Writing the Clinical Psychology doctorate personal statement.

Compassion in Politics Political Organization. Which universities or colleges offer a doctoral program in neuropsychology? I realise this post is a bit dated, however great idea to follow the trainee person spec. Clearly this can be answered in a multitude of different ways. What school has the best clinical psychology program online?

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dclin personal statement

personl The final challenge with putting together the personal statement is identifying who the best people are to proof read your application.

Psychology For more advice go to: Do you have experiences from outside of psychology that are relevant? Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Or that I am passionate about involving carers in research as I feel they often get overlooked. See more of Clinical Psychology: Unfortunately, these sort of judgements will be made based on your form, so polish it up to be the best it can be!

Be confident and demonstrate all your knowledge and skills.

Have you done something particularly unusual or interesting that is worth mentioning? Annoyingly, as with most scientific disciplines, much of the terminology used are rather long words, which take up precious space! You are commenting using your WordPress. Personal Statements for DClin application: I have recently completed my doctorate in clinical psychology and am now a qualified clinical psychologist and have supervised and shortlisted assistant psychologist posts.

Applying to the psychology programremember, you have to provide some strong reasons, why you choose this field. Why are clinical psychology programs so competitive? University Website, Personal Statement Advice: