Coloured figures in the body of the thesis should include a bracketed insertion below the Figure specifying them, which should be original in colour. University ualberta and events: The University fgsr Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university. Graduate Studies and Research. You must use a computer with:. These documents must be received prior to electronic submission of your thesis. If you are a completing a Masters or PhD in the Faculty of Education please refer to their website for specific information on how to submit your thesis.

Smaller font can be used for footnotes, graphs, formulas, and other additions to the text. Here are some resources and tips to help you be successful! Dissertations about Sylvia Plath are plentiful, as this university of calgary thesis thesis list shows. Written by Jennifer Hallson, January If a thesis is found to be unacceptable, it will be returned to the student; this may cause significant delays in scheduling the defense. Coloured figures in the body of the thesis should include a bracketed insertion below the Figure specifying them, which should be original in colour. What theories did you use?

It is also appropriate to recognize the assistance provided by the thesis and members of the supervisory committee. Board 5, P Ed.

Justify why you did what you did, etc. The External Examiner will write a report on the thesis which the student may have after the defense and decide if the thesis is acceptable to go to defense. Final copies of the thesis requiremfnts adhere to these regulations. If any of the work presented in the thesis has led to any publications accepted or publishedthese publications must be listed clearly in the preface ualberta their bibliographical details and an indication where in the thesis this work is located e.


If the nominated External is approved, the thesis can be sent to them. Requirrements and other theses are posted on submission boards as follows: Did you have to make any assumptions during your research?

Fifteen minutes is not a very long time and you don’t have time to cover everything. Students must choose one numbering submission and stick with ualberta. Once submitted, no further edits of the thesis are permitted until after the defense.

Accessing this information on a thesis basis is the responsibility of the student. Thesis Title Page Template.

Pre-Defense Procedures

Submission of your Thesis Once all committee members have read your thesis and agree that it is acceptable for defense, you are ready to submit your thesis. Thesis Committee Release Form.

Preface A preface is a mandatory submission of a thesis, regardless of thesis format, when a thesis contains journal articles authored or co-authored by the student including an accepted submission that is forthcoming at the time of thesis submission.

fgsr thesis requirements

For a Masters defense, the unit makes all the arrangements. The University fgsr Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university. External Examiner Requirejents Form. Checklist for Submission of Thesis Form. It’s hard to know exactly what people will ask, but think about who is on your committee and what they might focus on.

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Graphs and other illustrations are to be placed on a separate sheet of paper situated immediately before or immediately after the page containing the text where it is discussed. UAlberta is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Where should I submission for important department communications? Deadlines are firm and are not subject to appeal by departments or students.


The External Examiner will have at least two weeks for a Masters thesis and four weeks for a PhD thesis. FGSR will also complete the Notice of Oral Defence of Thesis form which states the date, time, and place of your defence as well as the title of your thesis.

Next are the rounds of questioning. Once the External Examiner’s report is returned to FGSR and the thesis is found acceptable for defense, then the defense can tbesis scheduled.

fgsr thesis requirements

This will give committee members adequate time to appraise the thesis. Your submission is not complete and you will not meet the deadline until your thesis is approved by the FGSR. Your supervisor will not put you forward for defence unless you are ready. If you have copyright permission letters allowing inclusion of another person’s work in your thesis, the letters must be included.

You defence will begin with a presentation on your research. Theses must be submitted within six months of the date of the final oral examination.