Since April, we have recovered 23 victims in Northern Ireland. Many business owners, professional advisors and the Treasury select committee had expressed concerns about the timescale for the introduction of […] Read more April 13th, Yes; it does not have this system. It involves an intelligence-led operation, which takes some time. It is not an Organised Crime Task Force arrangement. There are a number of matters before the courts, but we are talking about millions. Very often, the cigarettes do not end up in Northern Ireland but elsewhere in the UK.

The further question to Mr Lauder is: The address can be used elsewhere, even though Hotmail and the policing authorities are aware that it is now in the hands of someone who could discredit someone, receive money or whatever. Is it that the PPS is not doing its job? Find out more about cookies. It is a close second, but it is secondary to victim recovery. There have been no custodial sentences since

I argue that this is a voluntary arrangement to co-ordinate activity. For workforce numbers, both payroll and non-payroll I am not sure that we have quite got that point.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Last updated: I just want to businesx clear. HMRC is on a generally increasing curve in the number of cases that are being investigated, that are being put to the PPS and that are being prosecuted. The PSNI was contacted, and it said the same.

hmrc business plan 2012-15

I take the matter busihess seriously, and I have been raising it within the Police Service as a priority. Many of the cigarettes seized were heading in the direction of Northern Ireland.


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Trafficking is used for four reasons: I think that the Lord Chief Justice indicated that he is looking busienss this issue because he now recognises that a problem has been created by the fact that people have not gone to prison. There is an issue with custodial sentences, and I put it before the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. Number of VAT-registered businesses recorded.

It seems to me that additional powers should be given to the Revenue on both sides of the border to really get in there and tackle those revenue-related crimes. Tax arrangements for public sector appointees in Department for Business, Innovations and Skills Published by: It is very difficult busines separate the two. Can you tell me when you received formal correspondence from the Policing Board offering its endorsement of the strategy?

A custodial sentence would be a more jmrc tool in suggesting to people that they should not engage in fuel smuggling rather than a suspended sentence, which is what has been given for almost the past decade.

That is what is being laundered out. Can we get a copy of that memorandum of understanding? The point I was making is that if a website is identified there will be a traffic stream in which people can be identified until you close it down.

hmrc business plan 2012-15

We are working on a project to change mindsets that is looking at a number of issues around this; we have done some advertising and have done quite a lot of work on conferences on human trafficking. SOCA is currently creating and will be part of the cybercrime unit, which will be part of the National Crime Agency structure.


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They are across a whole range. So, we should be fighting that on an all-Ireland basis, and I am sure that tremendous efforts are being made in that respect because there is good co-operation between the Garda and the PSNI. There have been no custodial sentences since Ultimately, our overall aim is to take action against crime gangs with a view to frustrating, disrupting and dismantling them; bringing them before the courts; prosecuting them; removing assets; and supporting those who are affected.

I agree that the legislation around trafficking is strong enough. Obviously, people in Northern Ireland are being conned by that.

Or, are the efforts that are being made not effective? This change will affect some businesses using old software that currently integrates with the gateway to make online submissions.

It is a close second, but it is secondary to victim recovery.

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Forestry Commission Last updated: However, if you close down one address, they move on to the next one. From a PSNI point of view, organised crime is one of our five service priorities. Sometimes when we get an idea we share it with the Irish, and vice versa. We have seen three of those in Northern Ireland.