So, you are from Andhra. Take up reading as you would take up a pleasurable activity to fill the empty spaces of your mind, or as a committed friendship, because reading is, after all, a silent conversation. What tools do you use? MDI Gurgaon Aadhaar — opportunities and challenges ahead. If you fall in this category, then start with simple magazines, books and newspapers. Additionally, good news aggregators, like inshorts, can improve your GK and reading. Where do you work?

Few sociologists would refute the importance of the mass media, and mass communications as a whole, as being a major factor in the construction and circulation of social understanding and social imagery in modern societies. I assumed she would consider me a suitable candidate for her daughter’s husband since I come from a good family and since I am qualified to maintain a family. Which camera do you have? Tell me about your parents, their work. Especially if you are going to an interview of some institute.

So, which one will you join? Some newspapers, like The Hindu, carry supplements for young children 8—14 years age group. Books essau self-help make for good reads.

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What other IIMs are following the sam Everyone spoke in the GD. What are your products in the Car Segment? Use library facilities at your T. There is no compulsion to present the matter in impressive or flowery language. What are the other uses of the technology? XLRI The golden rule is that there is no golden rule. What is the topic of the last article written.

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The first thing you need to tell yourself that reading is an enjoyable activity. Once again, bear in mind that when you read, you are not trying to memorise anything. You should certainly describe various aspects of your professional life–your leadership skills, your career trajectory, your triumph in the face of obstacles, and so on–but do so in language that is as accessible to your reader as it is to you.

The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

I had written about how we are in a rat race and stuff in my WAT. Sir, I believe, it is not ii, skills, it is about passion. New IIMs One plus one cannot be two.

iim kozhikode essay topics

Sir, he did not marry, so technically, he should have no son. Do you think they should be preserved? A roadmap can help you: And if you are a fresher, go for the common language you have been using in your school days rather than the kozhokode you came across while a conversation with your friend who is corporate now or any of your relative. How’s your IIM interview experience? Which other calls you got Ramraj?


Where do you get good biryani? What is the percentage of people dependent on agriculture in rural areas?

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How to read correctly Reading is effective only when there is conscious participation from the reader. Explained the recently launched products and their sales stats and about market share. Do you know anythng about them? Different institutes provide different time limit. I should not have wasted my precious time in partying and sleeping. kozhiikode

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IIM Kozhikode Entrepreneurs cannot be produced inside business schools. If you push your reading speed considerably up, you may not comprehend much of the content.

iim kozhikode essay topics

How do you spell your surname? Why do you want to change it? When you read a newspaper, do you ever try to memorise its contents? Please give me the recipe.