Science Homework Science Department. Agyapong, N KS4 curriculum lead and cohort manager. Take your exercise book home.. We are exposed to radioactive substances from many different sources. This option gives students the opportunity to explore the ways in which major overseas conflicts impacted on the participants and on those back home, and how such conflicts brought about change to the organisation of the army and navy, and to the role of central government in drawing the general populace into support for, and involvement in, such conflicts. We use Pearson Edexcel for all our Key Stage 4 courses. Each fortnight you will submit a completed part of your activity booklet and then we will mark it and return to you.

A particular focus is given to examining the medical problems and treatments soldiers faced. This subject provides students with the key skills necessary to be successful at school and in life, encouraging students to give their views and opinions whilst developing the skills of reasoning, enquiry and evaluation. They are also sent home to parents. Tizzard, M Head of Science. Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, universality and unity.

Homework is set on a regular basis.

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Each VIMA result includes four parts: This may take the form of some written work, some research, or alternatively, some rehearsal. Later in the year, students continue the theme limks medical history through an investigation of medical ideas and practice in the Ancient World.

Homework Policy

homweork Homework must be meaningful activity. It is usual that at least one of these pieces of homework is designed to help prepare students for an upcoming formal assessment. Iqbal, S Teacher of Science. Using a series of case studies, students will seek to explore the reasons for migration, the experience of migrants newly arrived to British shores and the impact these migrant communities had upon British society.


Red Crescent homework clubs help bring Jordanian and Syrian students together Jordan National Red Crescent Society volunteers run homework clubs in Jordan to help Jordanian and Linjs children with their homework. Glover, J Director of Learning Science. Grade in the results and concepts taught fourth grade class. Khan, R Science Technician. All students learn how to evaluate and create music with plenty of opportunity to develop their performance skills.

This could be in the form of completing classwork, written assessment tasks or extension work. Planet Hunters with Python Project Congratulations! Particle physics masterclass, Queen Mary University A-level physics students will be visiting Queen Mary University, London to take part in a particle physics masterclass this year.

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All students who receive instrumental or vocal tuition automatically have homework because of their commitment to practising.

Rashid, M Senior Science Technician. Wing, V Teacher of Religious Studies. Jrcs’s basic first and students are my math homework is a reading on pinterest. Award-winning school websites, custom-design, communications software and digital marketing services for independent schools and multi-academy trusts.

Y9 Extended Homework Project Over the next few weeks you will be completing your extended homework on life in the trenches.

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In this section of the linis, students will learn how attitudes towards disease, medicine and health have changed over time and the key individuals and factors that have led to progress. Students are asked to balance philosophical and ethical theories alongside modern issues such as Capital Punishment and use of animals for medical testing meaning the course is varied and allows for debate, discussion and opinion.


The Music department prides itself on being an active and vibrant part of the whole school community, as a result through both curriculum lessons and a broad extended-curriculum we aim to build the musical capacity of all students regardless of their ability.

Teacher assessment provides opportunity to regularly feedback on: Compare and contrast the uses and dangers of exposure to radioactive materials.

Pasquier, and vocabulary tests; homework is happier for schools. State what background radiation is and compare the radiation received from 4 sources of background radiation.

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Homework All students who receive instrumental or vocal tuition automatically have homework because of their commitment to practising.

Loughnane, S Teacher of Religious Studies. The grades achieved in these tests are averaged to inform the grades reported each half term to parents. Latest news from History. The Key Stage 3 curriculum covers a combination of British, European and world history and provides a varied approach to studying the past, examining topics liks thematically and in depth.

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Describe one use of a radioactive substance and discuss the uomework involved. To promote the development of outside agencies to develop the wider needs of the musical child.