The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Someone will always complain 17 Participate in B-school events. Siddharth 8 years Anil, Sanyam and Akash, could you please demarcate the positive and the negative points given in the post above. Being associated with IIM Rohtak since its formative years is a matter of pride for me. Somil 8 years I guess one would understand them better by actually being in an IIM. What is the cutoff in IIM Ahmedabad?

What are the scholarships in IIM Ahmedabad? Other posts from this author you may want to read: The diverse peer group helped me to understand the different cultures and management practices. Anil, Sanyam and Akash, could you please demarcate the positive and the negative points given in the post above. Follow them, network with them and make them happy.

Kavya Sarangan 8 years It’s nice that you have penned these down. MNS 7 years ccase Getting involved in an array of extracurricular activities through clubs, committee and various events further accentuated my learning and honed my skills beyond the classroom program.

This program is for industrious participants interested in working in the sports, entertainment and related industries. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest.

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What are the best courses to take in IIM Ahmedabad? Follow us on twitter here: Being an entrepreneur while being on campus is cooler. That time can be used so much better. Anupam Singh 8 years Very thought provoking!


Abhi Dasgupta 8 years Not sure about the very first point though; from where I stand, left-right-front-back, an IIM Admit does look like a ticket to happiness. Log in to Reply.

Pagalguy Case study

Very few succeed 14 There are a lot of professors who are there just to make up the numbers. Most of us present here will pass out with a salary and life we could never dream of in college or school. Each and every point is bang on target. Post Graduate Programme in Management: It is such an intelligently designed course, I love the combination of super interactive online class sandwiched between in-campus sessions and I must mention it is a very-very rigorous course overall,I am so thankful to all my professor for enlightening my path and giving me the absolute direction I needed.

Are you still in IIM Ahmedabad?

But the good news is that L is almost there and I,K are catching up fast. What a stupid article …. It stufy be great if you could leave your attention-grabing opinion inave bside your living room.

Media hyped IIM…bunch of rubbish. A perfect example of communication skills as so many positives are made to look negatives… Loved it though… Brought back so many examples…. Have you tried this Amazon trick?


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Anyways its an individual opinion Log in to Reply. There is always a question on how qualified they are. A good professor can make attending lectures a delight. It has been five years since I finished college and it still helps me on a regular basis, be it any request to the officials or with the soft power of pagalguuy IIM brand. Quality interactions between faculty and students are rare. Abhishek 8 years I agree. Lectures from renowned faculty, industry leaders, the case pedagogy and healthy group discussions fosters tsudy thinking in solving complex business problems and effective decision making.

pagalguy case study iim

Rather MBA should be taken up by people who have seen various aspects of life and know what they want to do with life. If caee they are nice stories to read.

So no pagalguy case study for Planet — I folks! The rigor offered through assignments, discussions, and projects inside the classroom provided me with the necessary skillset to handle challenging roles in the corporate world effectively and efficiently.