This implies that the land use for that particular area is constant and does not change or have not been converted for the last 11 years. These intermediate trees will ultimately close in the next 50 years when trees have reached maturity and age. Notify me of new posts via email. You are commenting using your WordPress. Recommendations Based on the study of forest and vegetation within the protected area, the following are recommended:

Relative humidity and temperature within the protected area based on surveyed observation locations Relative humidity in the area over the MPPMNG protected landscape ranges from 59 to 78 taken at 35 stations from the wet season of up to the dry season of It can be observed above in figure 8 that between , there is not of a significant in forest structure of the protected area except in the south east part of the Strict Protection Zone. These ecological variables will be used as basis to determine re-zonation of protection areas and mixed use area. River and sodium poisoning is also observed and geotagged along the large creek of Maragondon river draining to ternate. An ecological scoring was made to determine which zone is the most important based on a 1- 5 scale as this will be the basis for determining least to most important zone using the baseline information of the survey. Forest Loss from to by Climatic Domain It has been recorded by previous studies that tropical forest has the largest area per hectare of natural forest loss.

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This canopy openings are abandoned kaingin areas and converted to perennial crop and for grazing of animals. Burning for cow grazing and logging are the most common type of disturbance within the Strict Protection Zone SPZ area.

Figure 19 also shows the relationship of the observed canopy cover per transect overlaid on the remotely sensed image of tree canopy observations. And that is what Life is thesix about. This implies generally that management and re-zonation shoul be considered in the future to thrsis the need to re-vegetate areas that are open and degrading areas. This may because of xe declaration of the area as a strict protection zone and the old trail have been abandoned giving forest open canopy time to regenerate over time.


Of all the zonation, The Habitat Management Zone and part of the Special Use Zones have the most plant diversity index with Old growth and Advance Second growth vegetation community type figure This surface temperature observation is due to the lack of observation on the particular locality and thus are represented in this case as outlier values particularly Transect 22 and Transect Historical boundary delineation The protected area has two 2 peaks the Mt.

Generally, the herb distribution is low on all zones except on Habitat Management Zone HMZ as shown in high percent cover clusters. Remember me on this computer.

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The general land cover of the protected area is dominated with dense second growth forest and followed by sparse vegetation planted with perennial crops with 10 percent open canopy and a portion of grassland and denuded area. A remote sensing study in Similipal, Odisha, India. The elevation gradient will be used to assess the vegetation community and observed fauna type per elevation gradient of the observed transect stations within the park.

This original proclamation covers a total of hectares covering the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. The NDVI and EVI profile below shows that the general vegetation composition of the protected landscape has long been observed to have a mixture of forest, grassland and perennial crop coconut planted for the past 10 years as shown in Figure 6. The general temperature in lor protected landscape at both season observation using 35 transect locations are at an average of This cover density as shown in the figure 19 were generated from an 11 year — vegetation cover observation using Remote Sensing Satellite imagery.

This approach is necessary to determine the influencing factors affecting change and to map the variety of vegetation community that reside proximal to the protected area. More bamboo cover are encountered mostly on downslopes of Palay-palay peak and following a gorge downslope of a river Mts. It can be observed that there is no absolute pattern on the number of bird distributions as it varies widely within time and habitat.


You got to go beyond your comfort zone and going to the mountain is something like that. Notify me of new comments via email.

Assessment of bryophytes in Pico de Loro Nasugbu, Batangas.

Vegetation indices will continuously be used to determine and assess forest health and its spatial distrubution. Figure 13 shows the training sample used to classify different land use and land cover types within the area.

This is important as in terms of management strategies.

pico de loro thesis

The approach should now be a watershed approach to account for all environmental processes in the upland that affects lodo lowland communities.

There was an incresed forest re-growth wround the strict protection zone as seen on the map above right. Species characterized within the SPZ are not physically bound by the park zonation per se.

These ecological variables will be used as basis to determine re-zonation of protection areas picco mixed use area.

One local pattern is that most of the birds distributed are widely found between the ridge of Mount Palay-Palay and Pico-de Loro. Because of this, remote sensing at a global and national scale have long beena concern for most of developed and developing countries Figure 4.

Conclusions It can be concluded that the forest of the MPPMNG protected landscape is relatively intact with scattered distrubances within the boundary.

Forest gain on the other hand describes natural re-growth of previously opened area from the same period. Enhanced Vegetation Index There are a number of vegetation indices that can loto derived by combining different spectral bands to study vegetation.