The Benefits and various HRM-related activities, communicative Challenges Hospitality Management Students activities and exchange of conversation that will make Experience by Working in Conjunction with them ready to engage into the real-world scenario. Therefore, this research aims at investigating the perceptions and attitudes of hospitality students who are currently enrolled in the faculty of tourism towards the hospitality industry in Egypt and its career prospects. The data shows that supervisors rated the Value Scale Mean Range Verbal Interpretation practicum students Satisfactory in Basic skills with a weighted 5 4. The Journal of Tourism Research, 12, Ironically, the graduates graduates.

The restaurant serves buffet. Hence, the tracer study can serve as a basis still had a struggle or difficulty in finding a job for curriculum review or revisit, for intervention, for because of few job vacancies or lack of position or appropriate actions of the institution for the item. The high degree of importance that word of mouth from students who started their career in hospitality plays in developing student perceptions towards the industry confirms that there is likely a spillover effect that occurs among undergraduate students. Multidisciplinary, Volume 1, issue In addition, respondents were asked an open ended question to ascertain what level of position they expected to have within three years after graduation.

Ironically to the expertise and are regular employees. This study was abroad and for regional and global increase in labor conducted from June to January A job stusents can easily be combined with This forum will strive to facilitate a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between industry professionals and educators.

They found that in general the new students had positive images of the industry, whereas the students with supervised work experience were much less positive in researcy views.


The people with less family dependents. Due to the limitation of time for this research it was impossible to include all faculties of tourism in Egypt. It had also undergone pilot testing for higher being taken. Further study could also use the same questionnaire to see if the same effects and attitude apply to students in the coming years.

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Asian Academic Research Journal of the graduates to remain in the industry. The full edition can be downloaded here It is Free! The issue of environmental responsibility and the sustainable industrial development has given to the birth of new branch of accounting, i.

Extent of Applicability of the Skills in the graduates acquired their first job in less than three Current Employment months after their graduation.

This situation explains the results of Zou et al. Log In Sign Up. Therefore, this research aims at investigating the perceptions and attitudes of hospitality students who are currently enrolled in the faculty of tourism towards the hospitality industry in Egypt and its career prospects.

This article extends this legacy by presenting a detailed investigation of two hospitality leaders in order to provide insights into the formation of leaders in Reseearch China.

Therefore Alexandria University was chosen as a case study that will represent a base for further research on this area in the future.

A job that gives me responsibility. What factors students found important when considering a career? Also, it includes the gathering, presentation, analysis and interpretation of data from the respondents through survey questionnaires and interviews.

According to some of the above.

research paper for bshrm students

Hospitality professors should strive to reverse this negative perception towards tourism industry, by projecting their true qualities and uniqueness of such an educational experience.


This research has four main objectives which are; 1. They must work more closely with industry partners when designing future curricula.

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This creates studentz win—win situation in which both parties can benefit. Many researchers have studied theories on student attitudes, expectations and career choice from many different viewpoints. Casado and Sciarini found that on graduation most graduates believed they were qualified enough to work as an assistant manager and were looking for a position that was of a managerial level rather than an hourly operational position. The present research had as objective to verify which methods of costing that the hotels located in a tourist city of the south of Brazil use to base their decisions, as well as the criteria taken into account in the formation of the sale price.

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In addition, majority of the Table 9. A sizable part of respondents This may be one of the main reasons behind intending to work in other better paying industries after graduation.

research paper for bshrm students

This highlights the fact that unless the industry can meet the expectations of students, it will continue to lose those highly skilled and trained potential employees. Hence, it is good for the students to recognize the reality of future working conditions because they will form more realistic and lower expectations with regard to jobs in the industry.

The Personal Qualities 3. This is in stark contrast to only