Mangroves of the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans has a population of over 4 million [71] but much of it is mostly free of permanent human habitation. The legal status of the forests underwent a series of changes, including the distinction of being the first mangrove forest in the world to be brought under scientific management. Archived from the original on 7 December Situated mostly in Bangladesh, a small portion of it lies in India. Environmental classification of mangrove wetlands of India. This is the only mangrove ecoregion that harbors the Indo-Pacific region’s largest predator, the Bengal Tiger.

The fertile soils of the delta have been subject to intensive human use for centuries, and the ecoregion has been mostly converted to intensive agriculture, with few enclaves of forest remaining. It was a water-logged jungle, in which tigers and other wild beasts abounded. It covers an area of 14, square kilometers 5, square miles of the vast Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, extending from India’s West Bengal state into western Bangladesh. The endangered species that live within the Sundarbans and extinct species that used to be include the royal Bengal tigers, estuarine crocodile , northern river terrapins Batagur baska , olive ridley sea turtles , Gangetic dolphin , ground turtles, hawksbill sea turtles and king crabs horse shoe. Wilderness science in a time of change conference, Volume 2:

Bridging Worlds”, Indian Folklore, serial no. The flats are exposed in low tides and submerged in high tides, thus being changed morphologically even in one tidal cycle.

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A study has revealed that the Bangladeshi part of the Sundarbans supports diverse biological resources including at least species of commercially important fishes, species of birds, 42 species of mammals, 35 reptiles and 8 amphibian species. Why should you take it if. Twenty-six of the fifty broad mangrove types found in the world grow well in the Sundarbans.


Sundarbans West Wildlife Sanctuary. It is often mixed with Sundri, which is able to displace in circumstances such as artificially opened canopies where Sundri does not regenerate as effectively. Gordon parks’ photo essay sesay s segregation needs to be seen today money bullion gold news, love, photogrwriting an essay and then checking shmoop to make.


sundarban essay in bengali

Evidence of the fact can be traced from the ruins at Netidhopani and other places scattered all over Sundarbans. The moderate saltwater forest covers most of the southern parts of Khulna and Bagerhat districts where Sundari is the dominant species. The Sundarbans along the Bay of Bengal has evolved over the millennia through natural deposition of upstream sediments accompanied by intertidal segregation.

The Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests lie between the upland Lower Gangetic plains moist deciduous forests and the brackish-water Sundarbans mangroves bordering theBay of Bengal. As the level of land essag through accretion and the land is only occasionally flooded by tides, Heritiera fomes begins to appear. Of these the tiger and dolphin are target species for planning wildlife management and tourism development.

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Nagercoil news nagercoil today news – kanyakumari news. Unlike in other habitats, tigers live here and swim among the mangrove islands, where they hunt scarce prey such as the chital deer Axis axisIndian muntjacs Muntiacus muntjakwild boar Sus scrofaand rhesus macaque Macaca mulatta.

Some species such as hog deer Axis porcinuswater buffalo Bubalus bubalisswamp deer Cervus duvauceliJavan rhinoceros Rhinoceros sondaicussingle horned rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis and the mugger crocodile Crocodylus palustris have become extinct in the Sundarbans at the beginning of the last century. The first Forest Management Division to have jurisdiction over the Sundarbans was established in No aquaculture or fish farming is allowed in the Sundarbans.

The morphology and evolution of the eolian dunes is controlled by an abundance of xerophytic and halophytic plants. The Bangladesh mangrove vegetation of the Sundarbans differs greatly from other non-deltaic coastal mangrove forests and upland forests associations. Additionally, the Sundarbans serves a crucial function as a protective barrier for the millions of inhabitants in and around Khulna and Mongla against the floods that result from the cyclones.


Thus, it is a region of transition between the freshwater of the rivers originating from the Ganges and the saline water of the Bay of Bengal Wahid et al. Check out our top free essays on bengali essay on india in to help you write your own essay. However, owing to various measures taken for safety, there have been no reports of deaths since in the Indian portion of the Sundarbans[citation needed].

During each monsoon season almost all the Bengal Delta is submerged, much of it for half a year. Dublar Char is an island with a sundarbaan beach. The three wildlife sanctuaries in the south cover an area ofha and are considered core breeding areas for a number of endangered species.

The Man-Eaters of Sundarbans. There are two protected areas — Narendrapur km2 and Ata Danga Baor 20 km2 that cover a mere km2 of the ecoregion. Drawing by Frederic Peter Layard after an original sketch of As the level of land rises through accretion and the land is only occasionally flooded by tides, Heritiera fomes begins to appear. Islamic books online islamic library – al islam online. The morphology and evolution of the eolian dunes is controlled by an abundance of xerophytic and halophytic plants.

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